Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Wow Mom. That was definitely not the news I was expecting to hear. I think it’s funny that Dad told me that in 2 years nothing changes. Do you want me to start on the list? Well, Ty got married, almost all of his buddies are married, my uncles are having babies, cousins leaving on missions, I don’t know if it’s the same. I know just like you all have changed, that I’ve changed a lot too. I feel good with who I am right now. Elder Simmons is by far my favorite companion of my mission. I will never forget this kid. Sadly, I don’t think we´re going be staying together for another transfer. So, were going live it up for the last 3 weeks we’ve got! 

And no, we´re not going be celebrating Halloween, but Elder Simmons and  I might make up some more Banana Pancakes and take turns knocking on our own door saying "Trick or treat!"

Well wow! You had a full week of marriages and homecomings. I’m happy to hear that Brayden and Maddi got married the same week! They both look great. I miss those two a lot. It feels I haven’t seen Brayden in a LONG time. 

Both missions have had different roles in my life. I know the Lord sent me to Oklahoma for a reason - and one day I will understand. I will say that Argentina has helped me to grow up a lot more. I’ve learnd to trust the Lord more in the past year than I have ever in my life. Can you believe it? I’ve officially been in Argentina for a year this week. :)

But wow mom! Things in Clorinda are great. We are teaching 6 or 7 families (complete with a dad, mom and kids) which is really different than before in my mission where we would only teach like 1 person at a lesson. All of the families are great. They´re so different, each and every one of them, and I just love being able to see what works in a family so that one day I can do it in mine... I’ve already come to a conclusion - those that not only have the gospel, but LIVE the gospel as a family are the happiest.

I really am doing great. I’m happy, healthy, and starting to pull a few pranks on my comp. Gosh I love Elder Simmons. He’s so funny. He told me some stories from before his mission... he’s a riot. Shout out to his parents btw! You two did a good job. :)

The biggest thing I learned this week is how to say "I´m sorry". We had interviews with President Franco in Formosa. And I’m not sure what happened, but before we have always had lunch as a zone with President. But this time nobody brought food and we were all super hungry, and a little cranky from sleeping on the floor from the night before. I complained a little to the assistant that there wasn’t food... so I had to call him up the next day and say sorry for how I acted. 
Even though I’m not perfect, I just have learned to say sorry through that experience and a few others this week to help me realize that sometimes we need to just say sorry because nobody is perfect... 

We also started our English Class this week. I kinda took it upon myself and another companionship to teach it. So we´re teaching and it will be a great time. This week we taught them how to say "Hello, My name is..." and things like that. Super super basic. Like Braeden says its hilarious to see Latinos trying to pronounce the words in English. I don’t know how the people don’t just laugh at me all the time. 

So a week ago, we met this little kid named Waquín (11) and we told him we are going pass by when his mom is there, and we passed by and started talking to his family. They are great. The mom is named Estela. She’s great. She’s catholic, but doesn’t practice her religion and she tells us that her religion just doesn’t "fill her". Like, it doesn’t satisfy her. So she came to the English class and we had a really good time teaching her, Waquín, Doris (little sister 8 ) and her boyfriend Isidrio. We also showed them the church right after the class, and it was awesome! When we entered the chapel.. someone had left the AC on, so it was super cool, and we were all hit with the spirit when we entered in. It was awesome. Estela still has a lot of questions but is reading the Book of Mormon at night before she goes to bed with her kids. So that’s a plus! 

We also got Oscar to go to church again. I’m so pumped for him. He’s only 21 and he finally wants to get out of that pattern of life of drinking and smoking. He is super quiet, but is slowly getting better.

We´re honestly teaching a lot of people and I’m sorry I never have enough time to explain all the great stories and spiritual experiences I´m having here. 

Love you guys!
Helaman 7:16-18

Keep the Faith!

Elder Harris III

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