Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Power in the Book of Mormon

No milk? Mom, no milk? (I told him that I never go to the store and that never buy milk anymore since no one drinks it!)  Don’t worry - here we don’t drink much either. We have resorted to boxed milk, and we usually drink about half a gallon a week. I’m not really sure what we eat, but we´re still living, so I guess we must be eating enough. ;)

But everything is good. Yes, I’m still here with Elder Simmons, my little boy. Gosh, he´s so much fun. We decided to put our study desks in our bedroom so we could use the AC unit during our study hours, so we had to make ourselves some bunk beds. You wouldn’t believe how much more room we have for activities - such as planning, praying, reading the scriptures, etc.

The best thing that happened to me... well, since we had transfers, and we also had another area open in the zone, we split the district, and I became the district leader of 2 groups of sister missoinaries. So Im the DL of my area, and 2 companionships of sisters. You can call me the Relief Society President. It’s cool, just different. I know for a fact that sisters work a little different than Elders, so it will be a change of pace. I’m glad to be able to serve the other missionaries though. It will be fun. 
And looks like Kenzie had ANOTHER great birthday. I’m a little sad that this is the second one I´ve missed. It really doesn’t feel that I’ve been gone that long. Right? But I guess I have. I think she had the same cake for her last birthday too...

Anyways, this week was an adventure. Just like every week.  So we went to Laguna Blanca for District Meeting, and we enjoyed a variety of foods from corn dogs to tacos to celebrate our culture. It was pretty cool, and we enjoyed ourselves. I’m super sad that I won’t be able to go there anymore with the change in the district, but we can still buy bananas here in Clorinda. 

My son also gave his very first blessing in Spanish. I have converted my "hold to the rod" necklace into a vial holder (I have the oil around my neck now) because we´ve given so many blessings recently. I love giving blessings. They´re just so spiritual. But yeah! Elder Simmons got to give his first, I was so proud! #prouddadface

On Wednesday, we also had super good day. We got to give a handful of blessings, and I’ve really learned the power of using the BoM in our teachings. So this week we read the story of Christ coming to the Americas with a few people and it was very powerful. It helps them understand how Christ established HIS way especially in verse 28 when he says that there’s no more need to fight over what is right, because I just taught you.  We also used the example of the 2000 Stripling Warriors. It fit perfectly to a family we are teaching, and it was great to just sit and feel the spirit in their home. 

We also go a little bit of rejection this week. We knocked a door, and this lady opened up her door and said "No me gusta los Mormones" (I don’t like Mormons), I said "well, it’s a pleasure to meet you too!" She didn’t think it was funny. So we took off.  Maybe another day. :)

As for investigators, we have this part member family that we´re working with. They just moved back here from Buenos Aires and he is now preparing to receive the priesthood and she is planning on being baptized! They need to get married first, but hey! We´ll keep you posted!

Love you all,
Keep laughing.

Elder Harris III

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