Monday, August 26, 2013

Saying Good-Bye . . .

Such a crazy week.  So many mixed emotion, changes and excitement!

I can't believe that they're doing travel visas now!  Plus I have no idea that there were 400 missionaries waiting - I guess that means I'm just one in a crowd!  :)  Hopefully I will get mine soon.  Keep praying for me!  :)

Tell Kenzie she's in my prayers!  Hopefully her eye will get better soon.  Tell her to pray for it too.  It works!!  Sounds like ya'll had an awesome weekend and some fun parties too!

As for Guthrie - It's definitely bigger than Anadarko.  It's a super cool town where the downtown is made of red bricks - what you would imagine an old time cowboy movie would look like.

My new companion is named Elder Rumsey.  He's a hard working missionary and I'm excited for this transfer!  Our apartment is brand new so we've spent a lot of time getting things set up.  We are shotgunning the south end of the city so we have absolutely NO WORK except for visiting members.  :)  The ward is awesome!  I love them already.  It's huge change of pace from Anadarko where there were maybe only 60 people that would show up - now we have an entire ward with at least 250 people!

This ward is super missionary minded so our calendar to get fed in completely full!  We will have at least 1 meal with a member each day.  In fact, we've been fed every night since I got here.  The ward mission leader is awesome too!  He hooked us up with a map of the area and told us about a few families that we could go visit.

Monday:  It was a crazy day.  A lot of sad news, good-byes and more good-byes.  We played soccer in Chickasha because the bowling alley closed down.  We went back to Darko with the sisters and I gave them some of my Head Country Surprise!  (I asked him what that was and he told me that it was a dinner that he makes:  noodles, hamburger, BBQ sauce, cheese and spices.  Hmmm . . . sounds interesting!  haha) 

We were asked to do FHE for the Poolaw family that night and it was awesome!  We taught the kids about prayer and how they can talk to their Heavenly Father anytime.  We told them that it was like making a phone call to our family and friends.  Afterwards we played tag and it was SO fun!  We got eaten up by mosquitoes but it's alright - well worth it!  We took some good-bye photos and called it a day.  The kids stole my camera so I have like 200 pictures from that night.  :)

Tuesday:  It was all about E. Harris.  :)  I got to go say good-bye to all of my favorite people.  We talked to Charlie for awhile that morning and I was so sad to say good-bye to him that I went back later that afternoon and said good-bye again!  :)


Then telling Cindy good-bye couldn't have torn my heart up any more than it did!  She toldme that she wouldn't be who she is now without me - which I don't fully agree with since missionaries would have found her eventually!  I know that she will keep growing in the gospel and be an amazing sister in the branch.  (Notice the picture in the background that they gave her for her birthday!)

I got to see James and he gave me a traveling feather.  He told me that he had taken it everywhere with him.  It is a hawk feather and it looks super cool.

Then I went to say good-bye to Jesus y Vico.  He told me that I needed to practice my Spanish some more.  I just smiled and left.  :)  I said good-bye to the Eckiwaudah family and they said that they were going to start attending church.  When I said good-bye to Nola it was so hard.  She started crying and I felt awful because I didn't want to leave her.  I'm sure that she'll be baptized soon so it's okay.  I never did get a chance to say good-bye to the kids which is the worst.  I love Isabelle and I hope that she beats leukemia for good.

Then the hardest good-byes came.  I met up with Michael at Braums that night and we had a shake.  It was so sad to leave him because it was like saying good-bye to Braeden all over again!  Those two are the same age and I love him SO much.  I actually gave him my Hold to the Rod necklace I've been wearing.  I don't know why, but when we were standing there at the end of the night I had this thought that I should give it to him.  So . . . I did!  Sometimes we don't know what happens after we act on the promptings, but I did my part.

Then the grand finale of good-byes . . . . Tracy and Hayley.  It was the worst.  I'll miss "Mom" more than anyone else in Anadarko.  She made my time here awesome.  All of the times that we could just sit on her porch and talk to her, tell her about our miracles from the day, talk about our faith, how to build hers - which also built ours.  I don't know.  It almost felt like I was talking to you every night Mom!  Just like when I used to sit on your bathtub and talk to you while you soaked your feet.  Seriously, saying goodbye to her was hard.

I ended up having to pack up that night and had stuff to do until about 3 am.  So I got up the next morning at 6:30 to shower because Hayley and Mom wanted to take some pictures before they had to go to school.

Wednesday:  I drove up to Moore to transfers and I got to take a bunch of pictures with all of my Elder friends.  Then I loaded up my suitcases and drove up to Guthrie with E Rumsey!  There is another set of Elders are the North side of town - E Otuafi and E.Spafford - they're awesome.

That night we got the apartment situated and had dinner at the Bowman's.  We sang them a song for our spiritual thought.  We sang I am a Child of God in 3 different languages - English, Spanish, and Tongan.  it was super cool!

During the day I got a new bike that I need to fix up and also permission to drive the mission vehicles!  :)

Thursday:  We did our weekly planning session for our new area.  We also did some service where I got to dig pipe for this man in the ward.  The trench was 2 ft wide and 1.5 feet deep.  So I got to work and bust out like 20 feet in 2 hours!  It was SO hot outside - I probably lost some weight.

Friday:  We drove up to Edmond for district meeting.  There were 3 other districts that met there so there were like 25 missionaries there and it was CRAZY!  We talked about obedience and diligence - it was a really good district meeting.  Afterwards, we went to Chick-Fil-A and there was this girl that worked there and she would go get refills for people and dump their trays for them.  So I stand up to throw my tray away and she RAN over to me and asked to take it for me.  Being a service oriented missionary I figured that I could help her out by doing it myself.  After she asked me 2 times if she could take it, she got all snappy and said "Please let go!"  I wish I had a recording of it because it was so funny!  So I finally just gave it to her and we went tracting for the rest of the day.

Saturday:  We had 2 baptisms!  One in Guthrie and one in Edmond.  We sang "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" at the second baptism.  I was awesome.  After the baptisms and cleaning up, we went to dinner at the Knell's house (their son was baptized) and had some burgers.

Sunday:  I love Sundays - especially in this ward.  The talks were awesome and everyone I met was super friendly, welcoming and I instantly loved them.  We got to teach Gospel Principles and then we got to go to Primary!!  :)  While we were singing Book of Mormon stories the chorister stopped in the middle of the song and pointed out that e. Otuafi is a real life lamanite!  He instantly became popular with the kids!  :)

That night we tried to go see a member and the woman that came to the door told us that who we were looking for didn't live there anymore and that she had moved in a few months ago.  So we talked with her for a little bit and she told us that she used to be Jewish but converted to Christianity when her son was 8.  When she went to her church she would sit in the back row and whenever people would talk to her she would introduce herself by saying, "Hi, my name is Kili and I'm Jewish."  So when I get home, I think that I'm going to say, "Hi, my name is Cody and I'm a Mormon!"  haha  Basically she didn't want anything to do with Christianity.  She is Jewish and that's all there is.

Long story short, her son received a witness that Christ lives and because of that she received a testimony of Him too.  She told us that one of the most influential people in her life was a Mormon and so we asked her if she'd ever read the Book of Mormon.  She seemed interested so we set up a return appointment for later this week!  :)

I'm super excited to work here - it's really an awesome place!  I hope ya'll have a good week!

Keep the Faith!
Expect Miracles!

Love ya!

Elder Harris

Monday, August 19, 2013

Going to Guthrie!


I've been out for 6 months now!  Sooo . . . that officially means that I'm NOT A GREENIE! Yay! :)

I'm also being transferred!!!  I will be serving in the northern part of the city in a town called Guthrie.  My new companion is Elder Rumsey.  He came out with me and his family is die-hard military.  I know that he wants to serve in the Marines (post mission) - other than that, I don't know much about him.  I excited that I get to serve with him as we will be opening a new area!  I also hear that there are some Spanish families in this area - sooo who knows?  I might just get to speak some Espanol!  I leave Wednesday morning.

As for Anadarko, there are some HUGE things happening here in the next few weeks.  The latter part of this week there will be an Indian Fair.  We usually get to set up a booth and give out a ton of Books of Mormon!  We are also getting a Senior Couple here!  They are coming on September 7th.  I hear that they are Sioux Indians and that he used to be a Bishop!  I'm not sure where they are from, but they are going to be here for 18 whole months.  Having them help with the work here is just going to be phenomenal!!!  Also we have been working on starting up this FHE program at the boarding school here every Monday night - and it starts next Monday - so I'm going to be missing out on all this exciting missionary work that will be happening here! :(  It's okay though!

Yes!  I did see Uncle Charles' brother Garrick!  He and his wife Debbie both bore their testimonies.  They're awesome and he's a BIG guy.  I bet that he's bigger than Charles!  Anadarko is totally how Uncle Charles described it and I'm actually going to miss this place a ton.  Maybe we can take a trip here someday?  :)

It does sound like you all are doing good!  Your new calling will be perfect for ya'll!  Just keep working hard.  That's the one thing that I'm SO GRATEFUL that you two taught me - to work hard!  I've seen a lot of missionaries struggle to learn how to work hard and they have to know how because it just makes everything we do a ton easier.

Monday:  We played basketball as a district and visited Cindy.  She's doing really well and is still super excited about the church and wants to share it with her mom and friends.  We also saw Sister Wright (my okey mom).  It was just a good night!

Tuesday:  That morning I tried to help E. Read make a lesson plan for a less active man and it went down hill . . . fast.  Long story short, we were all frustrated and he walked out.  I found him on the back porch with his hand in his face a couple tears in his eyes.  So didn't really know what to do, so I just went and sat next to him and said a prayer out loud.  I just prayed for him.  I prayed that he would feel that he IS good enough to be a missionary and that we would be able to do this together.  Afterwards, we talked for a little while and then I forced him to close our talk with a prayer.  :) 

It was also Cindy's birthday and we wanted to get her a present so we went to print some pictures and got a frame.  We put of pictures of the 3 of us, one of Christ and then one of the Book of Mormon in the other spot.  It looked good and we planned to take it to her later that night. 

We decided to go walking during the afternoon and see who was out there.  We ended up at a member's house and helped her move some furniture around.  It was a funny experience and I'll just leave it at that.  :)

That night we took Sister Rodriguez with us to visit Cindy and help fellowship her into the branch.  We read some scriptures with her including Alma 5 which is one of the most rebuking chapters in the Book of Mormon!  It was interesting, but it all worked out.

Wednesday:  We went to the Poolaw's house and they fed us Indian Tacos!  They tacos were amazing and I love that family and especially those little kids.  We dropped by to see Matt and read some scriptures with him.  That night we did some work on the Riverside FHE project.  It was a solid day.

Thursday:  We went into the City and drove up to Moore for the new missionary meeting.  We heard some awesome talks/teachings by President Walkenhorst and his two assistants.  A few things that I learned kind of shook me:

1.  Love!  How much new missionaries just LOVE everyone we see!  And then how the trainers are like "no - you can't love them!  I love them!!! and that's kind of how I feel.  I just didn't realize it until someone told me!

2.  How we continually learn things.  Regardless if we've been out 23 1/2 months or 3!  We read the same doctrine and keep learning because the gospel will continue to teach us things. 

3.  President told us that we need to "struggle for the spirit".  It's crazy how we all need to dig for the spirit each day!  That's something I've really been trying to do lately and it helps! 

On the way back from the meeting, I started to feel very humble.  I felt like this transfer was a waste because I just didn't love my companions enough.  Someone said something that I thought was interesting.  He suggested that we might have known each other in the spirit world and promised that we would serve missions and that God would make us companions.  So who knows!  But it's awesome to think that we could have all known each other before!

After we got back, we went to see Charlie and Trashelle.  Charlie has a new job up at the casino as a security guard that he's really excited about.  I'm so happy for him and for their family that they have 2 paychecks now.  Life is good.

Friday:  Oh what a beautiful day!  I did my entire study in Spanish!  It was awesome!  We had a district meeting in Darko and it was awesome too!  Afterwards, we made a bunch of posters for that Riverside thing, visited with Cindy and then had dinner at the Bateman's.  Jake Bateman and his mom worked at Schofield this summer with Ky Berrett!  You should ask him if he knows Jake!

Saturday:  Oh, well we had some companion inventory.  It was very open, honest and I think resolved a few things.  I mowed the lawn and then we went to work.  We visited a less active member who told us straight up why he doesn't come to church.  It was like a gift from heaven!  We addressed all of his concerns and then he took us out to dinner!  We went to get burgers at the casino again and they were sooo good!  I especially love walking into the casino and literally everyone stops what they're doing and stares at us!  Talk about the Walk of Pride!  :)  It's just so hilarious!

Later we saw a lady who hasn't been to church in years.  We talked to her for a while about church and the gospel then we prayed for her to make it to church. 

Sunday:  Blessed, Holy Sunday!  I woke up feeling like crap so I went back to sleep for another 45 minutes.  When we got to church, E. Read told me that he didn't feel too good either but we had some awesome talks and two of our investigators came to church!  I loved it!

After church, we visited with Nola and dropped the Law of Chastity bomb on her!  She told us that she had been thinking about how living with her boyfriend was probably a sin so when we told her it made sense!  Something weird about the Law of Chastity is that we really just have to man up and tell people like it is.  We need to keep this commandment because when you start to realize how many relationships are broken up by cheating you realize how much it matters!  (Jacob 2:35)

We also visited with a family with 2 youth aged boys.  We had 0 youth come to church for the past couple of weeks and the branch is getting a little nervous.  So we went over and straight up asked them why they don't come to church!  Their mom gave us two crappy answers - so take notes and never use them if you decide to go inactive!  haha

1.  When they were kids a teacher duct taped another little boys mouth shut and since then they've been scared to go back.

2.  My motto with my kids is that when they feel like they need to go to church they will.  (What?  The only problem is that the mom isn't going either so they have no example of what to do!  So if I understand this right:  By not pushing them to go to church because you're afraid it will push them away from church?)

Sometimes I just have to keep my mouth shut.  :)

And that . . . is a wrap!  :)

Anyways, I love ya'll to death.

Keep the Faith.
Expect Miracles

Elder Harris

Monday, August 12, 2013

One Word: FAITH

Holy Cow!  Sounds like ya'll are having a great summer!  I will admit that I do wish I could have been home this past weekend.  I would have loved to see all you guys, go to the homecomings and of course watch the pig wrestling!  :)  We're going to an Indian Fair in a few weeks.  We're going to be setting up a booth and telling the Lamanites about their past.  :)

I can't believe that so many people came home this week!  Russ, Parker, and Brayden!  All 3 of them are like my older brothers - I miss them.  I also got a picture from Carson of the amazing city where he's serving in Taiwan - we would be the best companions!

We had a Zone p-day in Lawton where we went bowling and it was really fun!  I didn't do too good, but we played basketball afterwards which was fun.  I like hanging out with the guys in my zone.  We have some awesome missionaries in this mission! 

We rode our bikes across town and went to see Cindy.  It's about a mile and a half over to her house.  While we were visiting, one of her friends came in and started talking with us (Ruby) and another friend of hers named Caroline.  Caroline lives by us and a few months ago during the El Reno tornado, she and her daughters were in the storm shelter with us - so I clearly recognized her! 

While we were there, we taught them about the Restoration.  Caroline was curious about what we do so we shared this message with her.  I just love teaching about the restoration because people just look so confused.  Talk about confounding the wise!  haha!  Then we asked if they have any questions - and you know that they do - but nobody dares ask!

We then went and talked to a less active guy and his mom.  It's amazing how people just tell us their whole life stories.

Like always, nothing went according to plan!  :)  We tried to see an investigator but she wasn't home.  So as we were walking away from their house a bunch of little kids came up and started talking to us.  They talked and talked and talked!  Then we saw a little boy who just moved into the branch so we talked to him for a little while and before we knew it - Joanne and her husband came home!  So we set up an appointment to meet with them later.

That night we ended up in Fletcher to do some service.  We helped a family clean up the side of their house and you can thank dad for me.  I wouldn't let us leave until we had it looking good!  It's funny how picky I am now with yards.  I won't let our grass get too long!  So I feel like all I do is mow the lawn!

We had to do weekly planning and we just got new whiteboards in the house so we had to re-do everything!  It took about 4 hours.  Ya, kill me.

We then went and visited a family and while we were talking to them we heard this funny story.  So apparently they have a brother who is 17 and dropped out of high school to live with his 23 year old girlfriend.  So the other day, they got into a fight and the girl called him "IMMATURE!"  hahahaha!  I laughed so hard!  I thought that was so funny because he IS 17 and she's 23!  IMMATURE??? hahahahaha!

Then we visited with the Eckiwaudah family.  The Dad always questions the new elders and asks them a questions concerning the Creation vs. the Big Bang Theory.  I when first answered the question back in April, I told him that the concept of time could have been different.  That although the book of Genesis say that it's a "day" that it wasn't literally 24 hours.  It very well could have been thousands of years that was called a "day".  That was my answer, but when he asked E. Read - he just looked at him and said "Faith"!  It was so profound - I loved it because most questions can be answered in that one word.  Faith.

We had district meeting in Chickasha and I fell asleep.  I guess it wasn't too exciting.  On the bright side, we went to a thrift store where I got a DOPE new skinny tie!  E. Salmon came to Anadarko with us to go on splits.  So E. Read and I went one way and E. Salmon with with Corey. 

E. Read and I tried everyone and struck out all afternoon.  We tried an area that we don't usually go because they're usually pretty drunk.  We met this guy who stated to talk to us and told us that he was just sick of his life.  He told us this story about how he watched his mom had killed his step dad, his dad shot himself and stuff like that.  He's just had a super hard life and was feeling a little suicidal himself.  It was a very humbling experience for me.  It made me very grateful for my life, for my awesome family and for my amazing friends.  We talked to him and he told us that he needs Christ in his life.  I just shake my head sometime how people go through soo much and then they FINALLY decide that they need Christ in their life. 

Later that night we stopped in to see Ranae, Cody and Nola.  They told us that they were moving up to the city and ended up leaving before I even had a chance to say good-bye.  They are seriously some of my favorite people here.  They did ask us to send some new Elders their way so we'll be sure to do that.

We got up and play some football on Anadarko's field which made me miss football a little bit.  Afterwards, E Salmon and Corey drove up to Verden to pick up E White (he's the other ZL who was in Chickasha for the night).  While they were doing that, I mowed the lawn again. 

Later that night we met with Trashelle and she told us that she'd been bitten by a brown recluse spider!  It looked really painful!  We also ran into another sister and convinced her to come back to church since she hasn't been there in about 3 years!

WHAT A DAY!  Like always, I stayed up on Saturday night trying to write my talk and I just couldn't get it down to what I wanted to talk about.  So I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep.  I was dying when I had to get up and get ready, write a progress report, and finish my talk.  And like always, I ended up re-writing it that morning!

I focused my talk on a talk given by Elder Cook called "Hope you know, we had a hard time."  And it was good!  I told a few stories and then shared D&C 121 - where Joseph Smith is in Liberty Jail.  I talked about how I've seen so many people go through hard times - and where if people could just ask God:  "Where art thou?" and we would all get the same response as he did and God will tell us "Be of good comfort.  Thine afflictions will be but a small moment."  :)  I was crying during this part and I had a hard time getting the words out.  I was feeling the spirit so strong and like always I just felt comfortable speaking.

After my talk, this little 5 year old girl named Madi came up to me and hugged me and gave me a picture that she had colored.  On it, it said "I'm sorry you had a hard day."  It was the sweetest thing ever!  Her mom later explained to me that she understood enough of my talk to know that I was talking about sad things and when I was crying during the part about Joseph Smith she thought that I was personally having a hard time.  It was seriously just the sweetest thing!

I love you!  The work is moving slowly - we've just got to keep our feet going.

Keep the Faith.
Expect Miracles!

Elder Harris

Monday, August 5, 2013

There's No Growth in the Comfort Zone

This week was awesome!  We had some really awesome experiences and even better - we had miracles!

Last week when I said I was having mixed emotions - what I meant was that a mission makes me feel bi-polar sometimes!  :)  At one moment everything is going great and everyone is happy, feeling the spirit and things just seem to go well.  Then out of no where, the whole world flips against you!  This has been my hardest transfer so far - so I'm just adjusting.  I feel awkward sometimes, but like I once heard - "There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone."

I still haven't heard ANYTHING about my visa.  I know I'm in Oklahoma for a reason.  So, by the way, if I end up serving my whole mission here, I gonna go buy a new bike.  I'm not riding this one for 2 years - so just a heads up if I stay.  :)

This week was a good one!  You're going to be amazed at all the stuff we did:

Monday:  We had a normal p-day and the Sister missionaries from Elgin came up for a meeting.  There is a boarding school about 5 miles north of Anadarko and we're going to be doing FHE there every Monday night.  Yup, getting high school kids involved in the gospel!  But the meeting got cancelled so we went and got some dinner at the casino instead.  You wouldn't believe the lookswe got while walking in the casino!  Everyone just stared at us and didn't really know what to say since the "Jesus People" were at the casino.  We had some really good burgers and fries.  :)

Tuesday:  I got to go to Spanishland!  :)  So E. Corey had a lady who finally accepted baptism after a year of meeting with the missionaries and asked E. Corey to come back and baptize her!  So President finally gave him permission to go with E. Curry to Enid for the baptism.  E. Read, E. Benson and I worked in Norman SPANISH for the day!  Yes!  I got to work in Spanishland!!!  :)  We drove around the OU campus where we saw the football stadium and the campus.  It's an awesome place!

We went to go pick up E. Curry and Benson from a lesson and family invited us in - and forced us to eat with them.  It was delicious!  mmmmm  :)  I love Spanish food!

So E. Corey and Curry went up to Enid and we visited with another family.  We taught them the restoration in Spanish and it was impossible!  We awkwardly worked our way through it and it was a BIG wake-up call to me.  Now I'm only going to do my studying in Spanish!

We had a member with us who called me out in the middle of the lesson because of my conjugating.  (The spirit left really quickly.)  He later told E. Benson and me that we speak like 2 autistic kids trying to speak.  Trust me, it was a REAL boost to my confidence!  Honestly it was the wake up call I needed so I can get my Spanish back on track.

When Corey and Curry got back we shared stories from the past, about Anadarko and the rest of our missions and had a really good time.  It was great to see Papa Curry again!

Wednesday:  Since we live in a house, we have to maintain the yard and our lawn mower is terrible so we borrow the neighbor's.  So right when we get done with studies (11 a.m.) this member calls us and asks us if we would like to use the mower!  So of course we needed to get our lawn mowed, it was like 8 inches tall!  So I put my work boots on and mowed her lawn first and then I mowed ours.  It took like 3 hours in this Oklahoma heat but it was a blast!  My whole shirt looked like I was a part of a wet t-shirt contest.  :)  hahahahaha  

Afterwards, I got showered and we hopped on our bikes.  We met a new investigator and talked to some other people before going to dinner at Sister Chebotah's house.  We helped Natalia move and then helped Sister Chebotah clean up her yard.  So ya, I worked in the heat for about 5 hours.  I was exhausted and crashed at 10 . . . .

Thursday:  It was the best day.  We had Temple Conference up in Peidmont!  We drove up there and did a temple session.  If you haven't been lately - Go!  There's a new video. GO THIS WEEK!!!  I loved the temple and wish that we could go more often.

President gave us a training too about our personal conversion.  he had us evaluate how converted we are to the work, to the gospel and to everything else!  I was a good talk.  I did get to hang out with some of my best friends from the mission and I took a bunch of pictures.  :)  It was an awesome day.  We went home and had a really spiritual lesson with Matt and Isreal.

Friday:  We had exchanges.  Elder Charlesworth came down from Chickasha and spent the day with me while E. Corey went up.  We got to work!  We visited Cindy and taught her the Doctorine of Christ.  I love the new member discussions because we get to go more in depth.

We also set up some appointments for this upcoming week and did some solid missionary work!  When we were heading back home, we had an 8:50 miracle!  We were 2 blocks from home and 10 minutes before our curfew.  I thought that we should stop by and see Bill.  He's the guy that we helped lift the tree trunk into his truck about 2 months ago.  We went by to see how he was doing and his brother answered the door.  They let us in and we started talking religion!  He told us that he had a few questions about church and stuff - so we answered his questions!  It kinda led to us teaching him about the restoration and he accepted a Book of Mormon. 

Saturday:  We went to a Pow Wow!  Yes, a true Indian Pow Wow!!!  We were invited by some members so we drove out there with the Sisters and watched them dance and sing and do what they do!  I was too scared to take any pictures because one of them started cursing the cowboys - and since we stand out so much, I didn't want to draw any more attention to us!!

Sunday:  We had a super spiritual testimony meeting.  Something about this branch - these people are super spiritual!  Our classes were awesome and we just had a really good day at church.

Later that day we went and visited with some less active members with Brother Bateman (the Branch Mission Leader) and tried to help them get back to church.  We've got some big things happening here!  This area is like a great big ZIT!  It's ready to POP!  :)  Gross analogy, I know.  But it's true.  :)

Then we did a little planning and talked to a few other members.  We had a few appointments fall through, but we did meet with one of our investigators that we ran into at the casino.  We taught her the plan of salvation and it was hilarious!  While we were teaching her, she just kept saying how crazy it was that everything just seems to make sense!  She believes in all of it - now we just have to help her receive a testimony of Joseph Smith.  She's awesome.  I know that she'll be baptized too.  Good things are happening here!!

I love you!

Elder Harris