Monday, November 3, 2014

Flooding the City . . .

Hola! Que tal! Como va familia?!

Oh family. The life in Clorinda is just peachy. I’m just having a good olé time with my good buddy Elder Simmons. We´re basically destroying this city. And by destroying I mean that we´re flooding it with love and with the gospel. I’m pretty sure everyone already has at least 3 Books of Mormon. But for real.  We´re starting to see the windows open and blessings being poured down on our heads. It’s awesome. 

So for starters, we decided to get our heads on straight on Monday. Get our boots on, and go to work. And we worked a ton this week. We had over 30 lessons, and we had 28 people who committed to go to church. Yeah, only 3 actually came. But still! We did 110% of what we could, and left the rest to the Lord, and He pulled through. 

To give you a run down on the people here... So, the Familia Noguera. The mom Inocencia went to another city for a little while. Her son, Oscar is the one who gave up drugs and everything and is going to church now (was baptized as a kid) he’s 20, and he’s making some huge steps in his life. So, the other day we went to visit Oscar and them. Oscar started telling us about this dream that he had. (For you that don’t know - The Lamanites have awesome dreams) So, in his dream, 2 men dressed completely in black came up to him and told him to stop going to church and talking with the Elders, and if he doesn’t they are going to kill him. The same night he had another dream of 2 men, who looked "familiar" shining, dressed in white that said "Don´t worry. Keep doing what you´re doing. We will protect you." I think of how many times those same "men in white" are standing over the missionaries in the world. And especially over Oscar in his life. 

To keep going on with the Noguera family. So one of their daughters Catalina and her new husband Julio were baptized a few months ago and are active in the church. Cata´s sister Lisandra and her brothers Oscar and Nelson are all members. The youngest, Carolina was baptized a few weeks ago with us. Her oldest sister Feliciana is not a member and has been a little bit "against" us for the past couple of months. So lately, we have been working with Nelson and Oscar and trying to help them receive the priesthood. Nelson moved in with Feliciana and Feliciana´s husband´s mom and sister died this week. So he´s had his elbow in the air for most of the week. ;)

Anyways, last night we stopped by to talk to Nelson since Feliciana never wants to talk to us. In the afternoon when we were planning on what to teach them, Elder Simmons said "We should set a plan of progression" or like help them set a plan on how they can change their lives! So I thought that was a great idea, and we moved on to the next family we were going to teach. So... we get to the house, and we have this plan that we´re going to set a plan... but that’s about it. And not knowing exactly what to do.. we did what every good missionary does - Improvise. :) 

So we just started talking 1. What is your goal? 2. What would be the first step to reach this goal? 3. What are you willing to sacrifice to reach this goal 4. What would stop you from reaching your goal? And then we shared in Alma 22:15 how King Lamoni is willing to give up his kingdom for eternal life (his goal). So anyways, we started talking about that with Nelson and Feliciana´s kids... and Feliciana came out and was almost in tears. She asked me "What do I do so that my husband stops drinking?" I was just shocked. Completely caught off guard and I just had to reply "I don´t know. But I know someone who does." And we left it at that. I just told her that I know there´s a reason why the Lord sent the missionaries back to their family after 10 years of not seeing them. 

Another family that we´re teaching is the family Oliviambre. They´re awesome. Their little boy  Waquín is 11, his little sister Doris is 8 and they´re so smooth. One day this week when we passed by their mom was sleeping and it was SO hot, so they went and bought heladitos (otter pops) for us to eat. SO smooth. We sat under a little pavillion and ate heladitos. We taught them the Sabbath Day as simple as we could 1.Go to church 2. Relax 3. Spend time with the family. haha They´re great. WaquÍn wants to be Messi and play soccer in the states, and Doris... is Doris. :) 
They´re catholic, and go to a catholic school, but Doris wants to get baptized in the church. She thinks it’s just the prettiest place. (Shes now been there twice). 

We have a lot more families we´re teaching, but that’s about all I have time for.
Send my love to everyone at home. ;)

Elder Harris III

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