Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Good Stories


I watched conference. :) In english. It was great. Like peaches on ice cream.

Yes mom, I bought a new camera. I've also taken more than 100 photos this
week, but this internet is slower than something that is super super
slow. So I think that's about it for photos for the week. I'll show you
all of them in a few months. 

Anyways, Im glad to see the family still has your crazy traditions
with Priesthood, shoe shopping, screaming at the TV, etc. I´ve picked
up a few of my own traditions on the mission like waking up at 6:30,
reading the scriptures for at least an hour a day, and walking a lot.
Big news! Prez Franco went to the summer schedule early, so now we´re
walking up at 7 and going to sleep at 11. The best schedule ever!

Anyways, im gonna cut to the chase. This week was somewhat productive,
but man. We got some good stories.

So, you know - Tuesday was our Pday. After we had a few super solid lessons 
and we thought that everyone was gonna come to conference
after these lessons. We set appointments with the same people for
Thursday to make sure they were gonna go. So we went back to visit the
Simbrom´s and I don't know how much I've told you about them... but they
were actualy married by the missionaries about 10 years ago, but
before they got baptized, the missionaries got taken out of the area.
So.. they lost contact with the church (you would think even if the
missionaries aren´t there that people would still go to church... come
visit Argentina)  Anyways, the dad drinks now and were trying to help the wholefamily but the dad never talks to us... its a long story. I'll tell you after.

So we also met with this guy Aliviano . He's gold. Never been introduced to 
religion, we were SO excited for him. We had 2 super spiritual lessons with him and he was asking questions and wanting to know, he was reading the 
pamphlets, and on Sunday when we passed by his house to go with him to 
conference he was actually not dressed in his church clothes, but rather in a fight. Yes, literally, a fist fight. His nose was all busted up, he had blood running down his face and he had a big bottle of wine in his hand from the night before. He
was swinging at another fat drunk man while his overly drunk 18 year old son, with 2 boxes of wine in his hands and an empty bottle in his
back pocket, was trying to break up the fight.  It just shattered my universe. I was so sad to see him like that. I know that Christ knows what it feels like to bedisappointed, but wow.. I felt super let down after the lessons and everything else. But hey! We´re not working with tigers, we´re working with men. And men
can change their stripes.

But let´s see here... so Wednesday we went to Resistencia. I prayed before we 
left that I could have an opportunity to share the gospel.  While waiting in line, 
this lady said "Hola Elder". Or in English that means "Hi, I'm a member of your 
church, most likely less active, can I tell you why I´m not going to church and 
the other problems of my life?" So, I took the bait. And she reeled me in like a 
sucker fish.  Anyways, she was baptized about 40 years ago. Stopped going to 
church when she was 17 and ws "too cool" for things like that and never went
back. So we talked for a while then she got a phone call. So after she hung up I was already back talking to the other elders, but the thought came to my mind 
that I need to give her the BoM that I brought with me. I had just barely read inAlma 37 and I gave her the copy and invited her to return to church.  It was a 
good answer to my prayer :)

I didnt go to Laguna Blanca on Thursday, but we had a great day.

Conference was great too. I wish I had more time to te you all my stories.. but Idon't.

Love you all!
Keep the faith!
Im not coming home with my shoes on!!!!

Elder Harris III

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