Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Well, surprise! Today is Tuesday and we decided to change our P-Day due
to a holiday here. So we worked yesterday, today is P day and we´re heading toRESISTENCIA tomorrow and I´m going to Laguna Blanca again this week!! So I´ll be having some nice naps on the collectivos!

And yes I have some stories for you all!!! I always have stories to tell. My companions have given me the "Old man Jenkins" award, because they say I can justtell stories upon stories upon stories... And we just laugh.
I love it. I already know that when I´m like 90, I´m gonna talk
people´s ears off.

I can't believe I´m on top of the ward missionary list!  I´ll be home with
Micah and the rest in a few weeks. I emailed Micah the other week and
maybe we can plan to get our homecomings the same day?

I´m happy that you´re so grateful for what you have. It's something I¨m
trying to learn too. I will admit, it's sometimes hard to be very grateful
when we have so little. I see some of the families in my area who
literally have nothing and live off of less than 100 dollars a month,
and they still make it. It's just an interesting point of view, no?

But we did have an awesome week! We haven´t seen that lady that we
gave a blessing too. She has been internado (staying in the hospital)
for a few days, but one of the neighbors who is also an investegator
told us that she might have AIDS, so I don´t really know what the
problem is.
We had an awesome P-Day last week. Some futbol and asado. What more can
I ask for? We had an asado with a family thats gonna get married this
next week. So i´m excited for them! We´ll take pics :)  

We also went to Laguna Blanca for District meeting on Tuesday. It was
about an hour and a half on a bus, and on the way, it was so funny -
there was these banana plantatinos that were just massive. thousands
and thousands of bananas! In laguna Blanca I just had to try some, so
we bought 16 bananas for $1 dollar (10 pesos).. The bananas here btw,
are like the best I've ever tried in my entire life.

On Wednesday, we played volleyball with a few members after a rain storm.
So we played in the mud and we didn't bring our cameras, so we don't have
pics, but it was a lot of fun!
We also did a service project to help a less active member clean up
his yard... while there, we noticed that a huge part of his yard was
covered in poison ivy... so we got a Machete and went HAM! Elder
Taylor took a video of Elder Simmons going "ZELDA" on this plant. It
was ridiculous. So huge. So funny. Such good memories.

I also celebrated my 19 months mark with Elder Taylor. He was my first ZL here in Argentina, and also he is going home this Monday. We had a super good division. We got to talk a lot and we had some great lessons with a lot of people. In one of the lessons with a less active member, she told us how she won't go back to church because of a list of problems, and then she said how nobody is going to obligate her to
do anything. So recently, I´ve been studying and more than anything
thinking in what I can do to stay active in the church throughout my
life. I´ve just seen missionaries that return from their missions and
then go inactive and I got to thinking about every person that I´ve
told that I know this church is true, and how hypocritical of me it
would be to fall away after telling and testifying as a Representative
of Jesus Christ. So I stumbled upon a scripture in D&C 52:15, and in
spanish it makes sense that God will hear our prayers if we are
obedient to his ordinances such as the sacrament. So I shared that
with her after E Taylor shared how Captain Moroni undertsood the
covenant he made with the Lord in Alma 60:12 or 13..
How he was obligated to be obedient because of this covenant.
So it is nt just our duty, but our obligation to go to church and keep
the commandments because we told God ourselves that´s what we´re gonna

It was a super good lesson, spirital, and I don´t know: I just felt
at peace. Although she didnt come to church again, I feel what we did
is starting to help (D&C 64:33)

It was funny, as we laid down to go to sleep, Elder Taylor told me
that there´s something that he likes about me - he said "I love how
you have that attitude of: Ya! Lets go do it! without even thinking,
you just wanna go DO". I thought of what Dad said one time how Tyler
is someone who would dip his toes in the water,  and I'm the one who would jump
head first into the water. He then reminded me of when we were invited
to go to an asado. And DUH! Im gonna go to the asado before I wash my
clothes ;) I guess I'm starting to figure out who I am ;)

Love you family! You´re the best!
My prayers are heading up to heaven, to go down to you.
Keep the Faith!

Elder Harris III (Elder Biggie Smalls)

p.s. My camera broke - so no pics today. :)

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