Monday, September 1, 2014

Here's the News!

Well, family - here´s the news.

I´ve left my friends and family in Goya, and I´m now training an Elder Simmons from Payson, UT. Fresh out of the MTC and HE'S AWESOME. We´re whitewashing an area in Clorinda, Formosa. We can see Paraguay from this city (it touches the border). Its supposedly the hottest city in the mission, and I can already feel it. We are gonna have a baptism this Saturday, and I'm pumped! The branch here is on fire. We had mutual the other night, and we had 26 youth! It was awesome!

This week was one of the best, saddest, and happiest weeks of my life. Leaving Goya was worse than leaving Utah. I couldn´t help but thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the time in Goya though. It was too good not to. I'm going to miss all of the members, my converts, and just the people. Saying good-bye was very hard.

But just like a book, when we turn the page, we keep reading... 

As for Clorinda, its great!  The members are awesome. I feel right at home, and the members have heard "great things" about me, thanks to Elder Beach (who just left to Formosa Capital). We have a super solid branch. A ton of youth, and a super excited branch president!!! He lives a few blocks from our pench and has saved our lives! 

As for the week, we honestly said goodbye since I had a feeling I was leaving... I cried talking on the phone to Lucy and saying goodbye to Jorge might have been even harder. I'm just happy I didn't have to see Maria or Millie. I might have lost it.#sistermissionarystatus

Honestly, we said goodbye, traveled, and are finally getting settled into our area. Sorry there isn't much to report.

I love you guys though!!:)

Elder Harris

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