Monday, September 22, 2014

Long Story Short

Well, family, I just wrote basically my entire letter, then it deleted and now I don't have a ton of time to write it all again...

So anyways!

How´s that iPhone 6? Whats new about it?

Elder Simmons is doing great. Super excited. We´re still working super hard, and they didn't cut his whole toe off like he told his mom #sillythingsthatmissionariestelltheiroverlyprotectiveparents
but.. he can run and play soccer again, so he´s doing better! I do think that little break we took was good for his toes-

As for the week, it was pretty tranquilo. We had a multi zone conference where Elder Gonzalez from the 70 came and talked to us about the importance of the BoM in our work. Then showed us how Ammon used the scriptures to convert all the lamanites that he converted. 

Prez and Hermana Franco also shared super great messages with us. They truly taught by the spirit and taught me a few things. I'm super excited to listen to Prez Franco again this Sunday at District Conference. I decided that I love the way that Prez Franco is a mission president. He´s a mix of my previous presidents, and I´m really enjoying seeing him learn and teach us at the same time.
Hermana Franco shared a great line "I love rainy days" because the missionaries knocked on her door for the first time while it was pouring rain. I wish I had more time to share the whole story..

Anyways, Thursday when we got back we went out for a few hours and had a super spiritual night.  Probably the most spiritual night of my time in Clorinda.  Long story short, we met a lady who was deathly sick and we gave her a blessing. She weighed probably 80 pounds? and later on we heard that she had mold growing in her mouth from the excessive amounts of throw up, but we gave her a blessing. I´ve gotta run so I cant explain it all. Sorry. 

We are having a great time. I'm sorry this letter doesn't say anything, but know that I¨m happy, healthy, learning, and loving my life. I wouldn´t trade what I´m doing now for anything. I love this work, and I´m learning more here than in any other area. I love it. Elder Simmons is the best. I´m gonna miss him for sure! I hope we stay together until November!!!

Keep the Faith!
Love you guys!
Big Thug
(Elder Harris III)

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