Monday, September 15, 2014

Braeden, Doctor Visit & Baptism

I imagine you´ve had a crazy week, and let me tell you! We have too.

I can´t believe that Braeden left. It feels like yesterday that I left, and now he´s gone too. I´m super glad that he decided to serve though. It will be the best decision of his entire life. I know that without a doubt!! Although it was a little hard, I too thought that the first few steps were the hardest. I on the other hand, I decided to do it just like I seem to do everything else in life and just "jump off the cliff" and not "dip my toes in the water" maybe it's not a good thing?  But, I remember how hard those few steps are with your suitcases going into the MTC.  I'm just happy he´s gone, and off to start "his adventure".
As for the Harris family, I don´t know anything cooler than the fact that we´re gonna have 5 missionaries out from one side of the family. I even sent G&G Harris a letter and told them that our "our Christmas present" to them was 5 missionaries in the field. Maybe we can work it out and get all of us on the same Skype chat! I´m not sure how you would work it out, but it´s worth a shot!
Anyways, this week was insane, and I¨m gonna tell you all about it this time:)
So... my new baby, with his tender feet, got 2 in-grown toenails. 2 pretty bad ones on his big toes. We went to the Doctor here on Tuesday right after our Zone Meeting, and we ended up waiting there for about 2 hours since they have something like "Obamacare" as their medical system here. (It's terrible and I hate going to the doctor´s here...)

Anyways, that's another subject. So, we went to the doctor, and they said that he would need to take an antibiotic, so we went to buy it, and we asked the doctor of the mission if it was okay and all that jazz... so he took his meds and he had an appointment scheduled for Thursday.  But after talking to a few people here... well, we decided the public hospital wasn´t gonna be the best route. A few people told us that "ohh el hospital es muy bruto con las personas"... Bruto... or brute... or... rough. :) So we decided to go to a special clinic on Thursday to get it treated and the doctor sent us around the corner to buy the needles, syringe and anesthesia for the toes. Yup. We went and bought our own needles. :)

He told us it would be cheaper if we went and bought our own... But after applying the meds, he cut about 1/4 of the toenail and we went on our way. He did tell us that we need to rest for a few days, so we sat around for a while. But it gave us some good time to think, read the scriptures, and everything else! It was a good few days of rest, but we´re ready to get back on the horse and go to work. During our days of rest, we took taxis everywhere we went, so we had to spend a litte bit of cash, but other than that, it was fine!  Plus, I got to help out with a "service project" where we cleared a path for a man´s house. We basically took down bamboo with machetes. Since E Simmons and I got there first, I got to work for about an hour before the other elders showed up. It was a lot of fun to work with my hands again. I have this strange longing for getting my hands dirty...

Anyways, we´ve had a good week. Carolina was baptized, and it was great! We had 3 baptisms and a wedding in the same weekend, and it was all super great. It was awesome to see the support of everyone there. :) But we´re having a great time. This week I did learn a super cool lesson.. That in the scriptures, the Lord will always keep his end of the deal. Alma 19:22-23.

I do need to run because of lack of time at the beginning. The stupid computer wouldn´t connect to the internet!

Nos vemos!!!

Elder Harris

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