Monday, May 26, 2014

Traveling, President Heyman & Spiritual Guidance


It seems to me that everything is going well at home!  You are all sooo blessed!! Give Brae a big hug and a kiss from his older brother and tell him that I'm proud of him.  Graduation and a mission call in the same week?  How cool is that?  Definitely someone to look up to!

Here's quick run down of my week:  Traveling, President Heyman and spiritual guidance.

To start off the week, we went to Resistencia for Consejo and learned a TON!  It was so great to learn from President Heyman on how to take control of situations and then see him teach and apply what he was teaching by correcting bad habits and things like that.

When we got back to Goya - Elder Valdez and I had the privilege to teach the zone all that the President wanted them to know.  We feel like it was a huge success!

On Wednesday night we jumped on another bus to go to Resistencia again.  We were at the terminal at 3:00 a.m. and the bus didn't come until around 4:20 - but we did finally to make it to Resistencia safe and sound.  We had a great training by President Heyman where he talked about the Holy Ghost - who He is, His role, His purpose, etc.  The President also answered a lot of questions that the missionaries had and very simply helped me understand the reason why we do the things that we do and that's to have the spirit with us.  It's kinda like the Sacrament - we partake of the Sacrament to have his spirit with us.  Super good training.

We also had the pleasure of hearing President Heyman again this weekend at District Conference!  Yup, 3 trainings in one week.  I have 40 pages of notes.  I think I have some studying to do.  :)

On Sunday he spoke about the worth of souls.  Our soul is our bodies and our spirits.  He told us that if we literally sold every body part that we would get about 10,000 for our organs but that our spirit is priceless. He talked about how we need to be more involved in the physical and spiritual welfare of the people around us.

So a funny story  . . . .

We knocked a door yesterday and I was on splits with Elder Castilllo (Elder Morin's comp) and this lady said "Um, I'm Jehovah's Witness" and then Castillo said "Oh, well we always believe in Christ".  As we walked away, we realized that JW's don't believe in Christ and we died laughing.  Soooo good.  #missionary jokes

Love you all!

Elder Harris

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