Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Book of Mormon Live

What up MOM!!!

How are my whipped brothers?
And my beautiful little sister?

Thanks for the pictures.  They were great!  :)  I love seeing my brothers wear my shoes - it makes me feel like I've got a good sense of style or something . . . #trendsetter

As for me, I'm doing great!  Happy, healthy and loving my life!  We had a great time at leadership meeting President taught us a few life principles and it was great to hear his counsel.  I always love listening to President.

While there, his daughters bore their testimony.  The first one in very broken gringa Spanish - but something she said really hit me hard during her testimony.   She said, "I'm very grateful that God gave me the parents that I have.  I'm grateful for their testimonies and example."  When she said that, I started thinking how I have the same love for my parents.  You two really are the greatest examples I have in my life.  If I could live the gospel half as well as you two do -  I think that I'll be alright.

His daughters were super friendly - just how you would imagine the offspring of President and Hermana Heyman.  Super awesome family.  #foreverfamilyswag

I got my package!!!  Thank you so much for everything!  It was great to see a bunch of familiar things and a few new things too.  I just made my birthday a little bit better than the apple pie we ate.  :)

Elder Sibaja and his toe are doing better!  He's still working normally and he actually baptized someone this week!  We wrapped his foot in Saran wrap so it wouldn't get wet.

As for Scott Jenkins - tell him he's a pretty smart guy.  (I shared a story that Brother Jenkins told in Sacrament Meeting.) That really is true and it's the same with missionaries!  If we're only doing half of the things right we're not going to get the results!  DUH!  So maybe I'll have to do a little teaching about that - so thanks!

Book of Mormon Live.  Let's see - I'm going to be very blunt with my answer, I hope that's cool?  To be honest, Book of Mormon Live was the greatest experience I've ever had.  Take away trek, campouts, firesides, testimony meetings, Sunday School, all of it.  Then there is Book of Mormon Live.  The reason why I feel this way is because Book of Mormon Live changed my life.  Literally changed my life! It's the reason I'm here in Argentina, the reason why I love the Lord, the reason why I'm a missionary!  I would invite everyone and their dog to go to Book of Mormon Live.  Seriously, the best experience you could have.  Just re-accept the truthfulness of the gospel!  It's what the Lord wants,  It's what the leaders of the church want  for us, it's what I want!  :)  Just tell everyone to go and if they don't want to - tell them to send me a letter.  :)

As for Braeden, I couldn't be more pumped for him for turning in his mission papers.  It's such a good time of life!  So great to be able to go out and serve the Lord.  I'm so excited that he got his patriartical blessing and everything else that's happening!  I'm sooo pumped for that kid and just like you mom, I can't wait to be in the temple with our entire family.

I love you guys more than you know!
Have a great week!

Elder Harris

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