Monday, May 5, 2014

My Birthday & Funny Stories

Hi Family!

Yup.  Today is my birthday and thanks a TON for all the birthday wishes!  It was such a good day!  We cooked up some tacos and played around a little bit.  It's a great time to be a missionary!  :)

I'll be getting my package in 2 weeks by the way - thank you so much for sending it when you did!  I am one of the last Elders to get a package before the change and we won't be able to get anything anymore.

It honestly sounds like everything is great in Utah!  The family seems really good and most of them wrote me a little note and I appreciated that - it's good to hear that Braeden is getting excited about serving a mission. I remember those days . . . definitely the best!

I have a bunch of funny stories to tell you this week:

So, Valentine, our convert received the priesthood the other day.  I recently was walking passed him and saw his "talking" to these two girls that were about his age.  So I decided that I would harass him a little bit about talking to girls and before I could say anything, he was like "Elder Harris, tell them!  I received the priesthood, right?"  And I was like, "Uhh . . . yeah!"  Clearly these girls had never even heard of the priesthood before, but I just thought it was interesting that Valentine was so proud to be able and worthy to hold the priesthood.  It was a thought that just hadn't ever crossed my mind . . .

Next, we have this family, the Oviedo's and they have this super cute 3 year old little boy and he's pretty chubby.  He always wants to take his shirt off when he's eating at the table.  So the other day, we were over and he threw off his shirt and started screaming, "I don't want this!"  It was so funny because he was talking about his belly!  Haha!  I just thought, yeah buddy - so do most people in the world . . .  :)

I love embarrassing my companion and he's pretty serious, a military guy and a pretty big dude.  So, we were over at this house one day and this little girl was just staring at his arms.  Out of no where she says, "So, do you work out?"  And he was so stunned that this little girl would ask him that he didn't know what to say!  Haha!  It was great!

This week it DUMPED rain.  While we were out walking on Tuesday, we saw this red car stuck in the sewer, kinda like the truck in Fontana.  So being the big hearted kid that I am, we went to help!  This car had "Gracias Gauchito Gil" written on it with tons of stickers.  (Gauchito Gil is an idol that tons of people worship here.)  So after about an hour and a half of pushing and pulling, we (Elder Valdez, 3 other guys and me) lifted the entire car and moved it out enough to drive.  I felt a little bit like superman, but I probably smelled like Oscar from Sesame Street!  :)

We had a really good week!  I love you guys so much!

Talk to you on Sunday.

Elder Harris

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