Monday, April 28, 2014

Poppa Harris

Hey Family!

I stay in GOYA!!!  I'm still the Zone Leader here and I feel a bit more pressure on my shoulders with our Elder Suarez.  My new companion is Elder Valdez.  He's from California, went to West Point and it's his first transfer has a ZL.  He's really obedient and we work well together - plus we're having lots of fun!  Elder Suarez left Goya to be the Branch President in a place that really needs his leadership and experience.  He's going to do great but he's pretty nervous about it.

As for my boys and their mission calls - that's great!  I'm seriously so pumped for Devin, Sterling, Jared and all the others who are starting out on this great adventure.  It's truly is the best time of my life.  So funny story about Elder Valdez - he just served in Fontana in the same area with the same companion (Elder Zivic) that I had before I came here! So we've had a lot of fun talking about that area and how it truly felt like an adventure.  He had some awesome videos that truly show what "Bartolome de las Cases" is really like.  Words truly can't describe that place.  :)

It sounds like things in Oklahoma are a little scary again with all the tornadoes.  There are so many amazing stories and I'm just super happy that the Lord blesses and protects his missionaries (me)!  :)

As you know, Jorge and Alicia got married last week!  Alicia and Sandra were also baptized that day and we're doing all we can to help Jorge get baptized at the end of this month.  As for the wedding, I ended up taking a TON of photos and we decided that it would be nice to print them out and make an album for them to remember their "big day".  So we printed off about 50 photos and gave them one of my photo albums with all their pictures in it.  I've honestly never seen a family more happy!  Plus, I think it might be the only family photo that they have . . . :)

And now for some bad news.  One of the Elders in my zone broke his arm and we had to go to the hospital on Monday night to get everything fixed up.  We spent about 2 hours there and had to go back the next morning at 7 for an Elder with a bad ingrown toe nail.  They call me #poppaharris

My companion and I got a reference from a member the other day and visited her on Saturday night.  We invited her to be baptized and to come to church on Sunday.  She came and I think we're going to be having a baptism pretty soon.  She literally has nothing that can stop her from being baptized!  :)

As for Victor and Sole' - they've decided that it would be a good thing to get married and obey the Law of Chastity.  They're working super hard towards that we're excited for them and their desire to be baptized.

We truly have a lot going on in Goya right now and the branch has put a lot of trust in me and we're doing all we can with the little time that the Lord gives us here.  This area truly has been the shortest of all . . . 3 months have gone by like the snap of my fingers.

That's all folks.
Talk to you next week!

Elder Harris

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