Monday, April 14, 2014

Continually Preparing

I made it safe and sound up to Resistencia and back this week.  We went up on Wednesday and got dropped off in the middle of Corrientes - we also had a bunch of other adventures that I'm going to have to share with  you AFTER the mission.  :)

I don't know what you're talking about when you say that you can't believe that it's transfers again next week - that the days go by slow and the weeks are so fast.  To me, weeks feel like days and transfers feel like weeks!  I feel like I just got to Goya last week and it's been almost 3 months!  Ya - that fast.  Before I know it, I'll be home getting fat like my brothers.  :)

As for Rosa, unfortunately no, she won't be getting baptized this week.  She lives in LaValle and for every fast and testimony meeting, we meet in Goya.  It costs about 24 pesos for the trip and she couldn't afford it - so her baptism is being pushed back.

Last week I spent most of the day Monday preparing for district meeting on Tuesday.  I talked about the principle of preparation.  Like the Cub Scouts motto:  Be Prepared!  I shared an experience that I had in the MTC where I asked the teacher how I could help my district stay focused throughout the day.  He responded by asking me how do we stay focused throughout life when we can be distracted by responsibilities of wives, kids, work, school, church callings and everything else?  I've been thinking about that question for a year now - and this past week I received an answer.  We stay focused by continually preparing.

The moment that we say "I'm good enough" is when we become not prepared.  I shared about how the prophets are always preparing and how we need to use our most important hours of the day preparing.  In the missionary manual it says that the most important hours of the day are before 10:00 because that is the time we use to prepare for the day!  I shared a few personal experiences and things that we could do to help us to prepare better.  It was a good district meeting and we felt the spirit of the Lord teaching us as we learned together.

LaValle had a baptism on Saturday (Elder Morrin) and we helped out with that.  We also got to eat some torta de dulce de leche that was super good!

That's about it and I'm out of time!  Love you guys!

Elder Harris

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