Saturday, March 2, 2013

The First Letter

Family!  The MTC is great!  We've had a busy, busy couple of days.  We seriously go from studying to more studying to classes to eating to more studying.  We EAT, PRAY & STUDY!  haha Welcome to the MTC!

I met my branch president today and he and his counselors are amazing.  I can already tell how great they are. 

Ty is right . . you have NO time here.

Just an FYI - my companion is Elder Beach.  He played lacrosse in middle school so we do have some common ground.

I'm running out of time . . .

We're having a great time and I've seen so many kids from high school it's insane.  Every corner I turn around it's like a Lone Peak reunion!  Elder Blackner and I just kill it!  Our zones are close so we do everything together.

Love you guys!

Elder Harris

P.S. - P-day is Thursday!

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