Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today is all about Peaches.

I just got back from the temple, and on our way back we saw this lady standing by the bus stop with a cardboard sign.  We walked over to her and found out that her name was Peaches.  She said that she's been called Peaches since she was a little girl.  Now she's unemployed and has some major back problems.  She thinks that she's going to die soon (she looked like she was pretty old) and all she wanted to do was to see her grandchildren again.  She told us how last night God woke her up and told her that she should walk to the temple.  After talking to her for about 20 minutes, Elder Beach and I said a prayer with her and asked Heavenly Father to bless her in all aspects of her life.  We ended up giving her a couple of bucks and left.  I don't know what it was mom, maybe I just got scammed - but the smile on her face was priceless.  I asked if there was anything that we could do for her and she told us that we could just keep praying for her.  So what' what I'm going to do!  I'm praying for Peaches!

On Sunday I was called to be the District Leader.  It's weird, all I really do is get the mail, choose someone to pray and pick the hymn every day.  I also do interviews and go to all of the leadership meetings.  So I guess that's cool.

Oh, so don't you dare pull an RM (the movie) on me and move to Arizona!  I'm happy to hear that you are all enjoying the weather down there.  :)  Yes mom, I know that you're proud of me.  :)  Tell my boys on the baseball team good job!  Just work hard!  If I've learned anything this past month isthat you truly have to work hard for what you want.  You have a question?  Go find it, don't ask for it.  I'm sorry to hear about Brae's arm.  I'll get to praying for him.  Tell him to pray for it - to have the faith to be healed.  Have him go on and watch the talk by Bednar called "Don't Shrink" or something.  It's a story about a man having faith NOT to be healed.  Really interesting.  You'll enjoy it.

I did see Marlo!  (My friend who works at the MTC on Wednesdays) It was good to see her, but I felt a little awkward.  Did she say I was a super awkward missionary yet?  I can't talk to girls anymore, I just babble then I'm all like "Hey!  Would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ?"  Ya - doesn't fly. 

But I did make it a month!  Yesterday counts as one month Mom!  So you can stop counting the days and start counting the months!  :)  I'm staring to feel a little nervous about flying half way across the world, getting on a bus for 12 hours, and then start preaching the gospel.  Just a little nervous.  :)

ABOUT MY VISA!  Some of the sisters in my district went and talked with the Travel Office yesterday and they said that the Consolute for Argentina is coming on April 9 or 10.  That's the day after I'm supposed to leave, so I wouldn't doubt it if we were kept here for an extra week.  Other than that, no news.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about perspective.  It's a huge thing.  I'm so happy to have Elder Beach as my companion.  After talking to Peaches today I asked "What more could we have done?" and he said "Nothing.  We did all we could. The rest is up to her."  So where I just want to lift these people up over these mountains, I can't.  I just have to sit back and watch them start climbing.  It's kind of hard to realize that I can't do it all, as much as I want to. 

I actually hosted (curb duty) yesterday too!  So saw Sam Beck and Hannah Palmer, but not Jake yet.  I didn't get to talked to Hannah all that much, but she was pumped to be here!  By the way, thank you for the cake!  I was bomb-digity.  Probably the best food that I've had here.  Elder Beach and I were  like screaming little girls at a briadal shower over it.  Thanks mom.

So I've had this question ringing in my head for the past couple of days.  Then when I met Peaches today it came up again.  When I look at my life, my family, where I grew up - all I can say is that I consider myself to be one of the most blessed people in the entire world.  I can't even believe how ungrateful I was growing up.  Mom, Dad - Thank you for everything.  Seriously.  But this is my question:  Why are some people blessed and things just seem to work out for them?  Where as others, like Peaches, have a really hard life?  I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us, and we need to trust that.  But was the reason I was/am so blessed because I need to share it with people less fortunate than me?  Or what?  Any Mom council your have would be appreciated.  :)

Fun fact.  There were about 800 missionaries that came in yesterday.  I heard that 52% were sisters!  Como loco!

Estamos aprendiendo que espanol es muy dificil, pero espanol es bien. Es poco y poco, dia y dia. Pero estoy aprendiendo todas dias. Yo hablo como una hombre blanco, pero este chevere. Elder Beach y yo hemos enseñabamos Jorge y Nely mas dias este semaña y invitabamos Nely a ser bautizado ayer! Es magnifico! Ella querra saber mas acerca de la iglesea, y estamos listo que esneñar.

We're way pumped about this place!  I love it here!

Never Shrink. 

Love you all!
Elder Harris

P.S. - Just found out I got curb duty again next week!  Tell Justin to look for me!

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