Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big News this Week!

Good News!  Elder Beach is OKAY!  From my hand written letter I sent the other day, you could probably tell that we were all pretty scared, but on Tuesday we went to the doctor and everything checked out okay.  So he's doing really good and we all realized that Saturday was a blessing in disguise for all of us.

Well, Colton is gone.  I can't believe that he's already in Jamaica!  We took a few pictures together and Dad told me that you guys got some from Brad and Bre too.  Could you please print them and send them to me?  I also just need more pictures for my book.  Please send me anything from home and my friends. 

So more big new for you!!  Nobody is getting their Visas.  Our teachers are telling us to plan on getting re-assigned.  None of the people in the district that just left (they were going to Peru) got their Visas and ended up in Missouri and West Virginia.  I've heard of the re-assignments going everywhere - even Salt Lake City and Provo South.  THAT WOULD BE SO BAD!  It's not like I don't already feel like I'm still home.  In less than 10 minutes I could walk to my apartment.  Anyways, I guess I'll let you know where I get re-assigned!  :)

Blackner still hasn't gotten his Visa.  He told me that he's going to meet with the consolate - I'm not sure what that really even means or if it even helps but all I know is that nobody is getting a Visa.

The Food.  Well, after the first week I realized that I just need to be super conscious about what I eat and try to eat some fruit with each meal - otherwise I feel sick.  I don't know what my favorite thing is - it just all kinda tastes the same.  I'd love some Taco Bell! haha

My Spanish is good.  I can talk with my friends alright.  I remember a TON more than I thought I did from my spanish classes in high school.  Thank you Senora Swartz.  :)  We do TRC for the first time tomorrow and I'm pretty pumped!  Elder B and I are starting to get a feel for each others Spanish, so when we teach we ping-pong it a lot more.  We really have a great companionship - we have similar personalities and teaching abilities - I love it!  My teachers are awesome.  Hermana Thomas is tiny.  She's like 5 feet and maybe 100 pounds.  She's super cute and I'm thinking about setting her up with Tyler.

I saw Sister Jones (Tayler Hendrick's grandma) and Jen baked me like 10 cookies and sent them down to me.  I was so happy to have them so tell her THANK YOU for me.  Tell everyone who has their mission call to start to prepare themselves for the MTC because it is so awesome here.  I can't believe that I've already been gone for 2 weeks.  It's so true that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days.

Tell Talon Miller congrats on his call to Russia!  I saw a bunch of the Russian missionaries on our temple walk on Sunday.  I gave them some of those Russian CTR rings and they loved them.

LOVE YOU ALL!  Thank you so much for being so supportive of me out here.  I seriously just love you all so much.

Trust in God, have faith
Keep the Faith!

Elder Harris

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