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How is everyone doing? I have had a little crazy week, but I can honestly say that I am officially in LOVE with the mission life. I´ve never enjoyed doing something more than this ever! If anyone is doubting on going and thinks there are better things to do, just go. You´ll never regret it after.

I bet your stomach is just full of butterflies right now, ain´t it ma? But don´t worry, just give it 2 months and everything will be more relaxed. As for Brae - thats awesome. Im so excite for him. Im gonna be expecting a LOT of pics this next week. So, send them my way!

And I havn´t gotten the wedding invitation yet, maybe while I'm in Resistencia.

So this week was honestly a little interesting... We started out the week with a 2 day divisions with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Guajardo. I went to their area to work for Tuesday and Wednesday. While we were there we found a few people and had a few lessons. You´ll never believe this - but Braeden and my convert Jorge have the same birthday, and since I was in the other area on Tuesday I didn't get to celebrate it with him, but you´ll never guess! He's still wearing the hold to the rod necklace. Such a stud! I don´t know if I ever mentioned that.. I gave it to him a few months ago!

As for the divisions, we had a good time. Elder Guajardo and I ate a super good pizza. During divisions, I´ll usually pick up a little something for us to eat at night :) There is a place here called Pizza Uno that delivers and they know us by name. We´re pretty much regulars :)

On Thursday Elder Valdez and I got to work together! We visited Lucy, and she´s still progressing. She got so upset at herself because for the past 3 weeks something has come up so she can´t come to church, and she told us "Hey, we´re gonna walk to church together (15 blocks and she´s 67) so I can go, si o si!" so we walked with her this sunday. And when we got there, we had to go find her a few glasses of water :) She´s great :)

We also had planned to eat Tacos at her house, like a family home evening, and we cooked up tacos. You should´ve seen their faces! So great! They are in love with them. So we did all that with Lucy this week, if she can just quit smoking, she will be baptized, she already told us that she wants to make it to church alone this week, so she can show herself that she can do it on her own. So, we´re not gonna call her or stop by in the morning. :) We´re hoping the Lord can give her the strength to come to church!

Then on Friday, President Franco had Lavalle come and stay with us for a few days (hence the multiple photos of us together) so we could teach, and help them out. We split my area, and we switched off between the two elders - Elder Hulme and Elder Morrin every other day since we worked Friday until Sunday together. 

We enjoyed our time. I can say I absolutely love those 2 elders with all of my heart. They´re definitely 2 of the best missionaries in the zone, and of all the elders to be with for a few days - I'm happy it was them! They´re great .  :) And a #shoutout to Mama Morrin! Because Ryan told me you read my blog. #imblushing ;)

And your boy is a great missionary! One of the most obedient in the zone, so I'm super grateful for him and the example that he gives to the other elders. And Elder Hulme is the same. They´re both POWER HOUSE missionaries. I love teaching with both of them.  The day that Elder Morrin and I worked together, we had this super awesome lesson using I never thought that my time in the states would pay off... until now :) So we enjoyed that. :)

This Sunday, we had 6 of our investegators come to church. It was a miracle. 3 diferent families we´re working with! We´ve been waiting and working with them patiently for a while and they´re all starting this journey! 

One of the moms named Patricia while I was introducing her to a member here told this member that "We helped her to find the truth", she has a date for the 23rd, and Im super excited to see if it really comes to pass! Her daughters also have a date, so we´re hoping for the entire family! And the best part - they live right in front of a house of members. #blessings

But family! I hope you enjoy the temple, the wedding, and everything else this week. Im sorry I can´t be with you, but DWAI. :)

Love you!
Elder Harris

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