Monday, August 11, 2014

Feeling a Little Trunky

Family! + Kenzie Sage

First off, Kenzie, welcome to the family! I hope Tyler and Kenzie enjoyed their wedding, from the pictures it seems that you all had a good time. I hope you enjoyed taking funny pictures with my cardboard self, I know that´s what I would´ve done. But I´ve been dying to know.. did anyone ask me to dance? 

Everything here in Goya is great! Absolutely great! We´re loving our time and still working hard. Lately, the weather has been off and on, sometimes it gets super cold, and then warm. Right now, it's probably 75 degrees or so... So it's in the middle. I'm kinda dreading the summer. I'm not ready to drink 3 gallons of water a day and walk in 120 degree heat, but on the plus side, Im probably gonna lose a few more pounds! #thebiggestloser:missionaryedition

So, I will admit it. I got feeling a little trunky today. With all of the excitement from hiking Timp, home run derby at Burgess, Braeden going to the temple, receiving the Melchezedic priesthood, Ty getting married - I think I have the right to be a little trunky. Like Argentine´s have the right to take a nap during the middle of the day. (Some guy chewed me out when we knocked on his door during the siesta and said that haha!)
But for real, seems to me that you all had the best week of your lives! :) I hope you all enjoyed it!

But you know, we did have a pretty good week. We had Consejo de Lideres in Resistencia on Tuesday, which was a whole day event. We learned a lot from Prez and Hma Franco. We talked a lot about unity, and the way to recieve revelation. So, we´re working on that. :) 

Tuesday, we had the Zone meeting, and it was great! I got to teach a majority of it with Elder Valdez and we did a prety good job. Not nearly as good as Prez Franco, but we did pretty well. I think thats one of the biggest blessings that I have as being a ZL here. To receive these teachings directly from Prez Franco and not through a ZL. 

We had a great week honestly. I met a baby Carpincho (thats what we ate) and during that lesson we had with the family Mazuchini and our invetegator Patricia and her family it was way good! So I´ve passed by this house off and on since February, but we never saw any progress, but one day Patricia was in the backyard when we stopped to talk to them and when she saw us she said "Do you really talk to these type of people?" When Marta (Mazuchini mom) totally stood up for us even though she´s not a member yet! And now Patricia and her family have been to church twice and have a baptismal date set for a few weeks down the road!

And I'm out of time, I had a few more stories, but they can wait!

I love you guys, enjoy Mena!
and the other reception! :)
Tell Ty to save me a piece of cake.

Elder Harris

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