Monday, August 18, 2014

Push Ups & Celebrating 1 Year!

Hey family!

Im happy you finally got a taste of the Argentina Resistencia mission! :) Its probably a little bit hotter here though... in the summer, 110% humidity with 100 degrees Faraheit. No biggie, but Im super excited to drop 15 lbs:) 

Whats new in South America... hmm... not much. Still walking on dirt roads, carrying a BoM in hand, and laughing at the little miracles I see everyday. (Laughter of joy)  But really not much has changed. We´re starting to see progress in the branch, and we reactivated a super inactive family! I'll tell the story in a minute :)

As for Braeden - I have a missionary in my district that is from the mission right beneath where he´s going, and he says yes its hot, but its a dry heat.. so i imagine its like Arizona. :) Enjoy!

As for this week, we did WORK! Monday night, we have a family home evening that was the BEST thing ever!!!  We talked about the Atonement, and we used little candies. So I was acting as the Savior, and for every person that wanted a piece of candy, I had to do 10 push ups... So as we started giving them out to the little kids, they were so pumped and screaming as I pumped out the push ups..... the only problem, is that I´m not like I used to be, and after handing out about 15 pieces of candy... these 18 months caught up to me... and well, doing 10 push ups started to get a little more difficult. So because kids are kids, they kept asking for more and more candy, BUT i had to do 10 push ups. But being the "loving Savior", I did the push ups happily. Up until the point that my arms started to tremble and the parents noticed so they rejected a piece of candy... but since the Atonement is also for those that refuse to use it, I did the push ups even though it was near impossible for my skinny little arms. This made them think about how great the gift of the atonement really is. 

I ended up doing almost 300 push ups in 20 minutes. No biggie ;)

My chest still hurts. ;)

Another notable event, it was Elder Valdez´s year mark, and he celebrated by eating a kilo of ice cream in one sitting... We took pictures, and it took about 40 minutes:) SO funny. :)

I also went on divisions with Elder Pacheco - who is from Chile and one of my favorite elders in the mission. He´s been in the same district as me since Fontana! (January) and so we´ve gotten pretty close:)
We had a good time and had some solid lessons. 

I also got to visit Alicia and Valentine Fernandez, and they even came to church on Sunday!! :) We took pictures. Its super sad - her husband doesn't want her to go to church, but she is still reading the BoM and wants to go to church every week! SOO cool

We also are planning on having a baptism this weekend! Her name is Filomela, she´s 10, and she´s motivating her family to go to church! Her mom wants to get baptized too, but she needs to get married. Shes 33, and her boyfriend is younger than Elder Valdez... weird, no? hah! Some of the relationships here are just insane. I'm sorry, but for everyone that is more than 15 years older than me... I'm sorry, I don't think it will work. :)

But we´re excited for the baptism, and to see the family progress.
We are working with a few other families too, and a handful of them will probably be baptized in September! I hope I'm here for it! :)

 If I stay one more transfer.. guess what! My LAST CONFERENCE IN GOYA!!! :)

Love you guys!
Keep smiling, and keep the faith!

Elder Harris

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