Monday, July 28, 2014

The Coolest Interview & Good Shoes


First off, how excited are you guys?  A wedding and a mission farewell in the next month!  I'm excited from thousands of miles away!  :)

I've got some good stories from this week:

We had interviews with President Franco - it was a great day, we had such a good time and I just love him to death!  He's a great man and I'm excited for this next Monday to see what he does for consejo.  I imagine that we will read from the scriptures a lot and find some "new treasures".  :)

We are working with a lady named, Lucy.  She's about 55 and a little on the talkative side.  She always reminds me of a few people back home and I just love talking to her.  She is a big smoker and has gotten down to 3-4 per day.  We're hoping she can push through this last little bit.  She hasn't come to church yet because 3 weeks ago someone broke her oven and she told us that she felt very "unstable" about leaving her house.  Two weeks ago her son who is a taxi driver was supposed to give her a ride had to drive someone to the middle of nowhere and couldn't pick her up.  So he asked another guy to pick her up and he forgot.  So this last week, she said she ate a few more sausages then she should have and got sick and then shared with us that she spent the day on the pot.  She has no fear of telling us exactly what's going on in her life, if you get what I mean.  #missionaryproblems

Lucy also told us that the JW's had stopped by her house this past week and she told them that she couldn't talk to them because she was Mormon.  haha  Then they went on to tell her that the Mormon Missionaries get paid 10.000 pesos for each baptism.  She she wanted to know the truth and asked us about it and we set the record straight.

I also went to Bella Vista to do a baptismal interview.  It was conducted on the shore of a lake and I sat on a broken chair.  The boy sat on a tire and told me how the crocodiles sometimes come up on their lawn and how their dad tried to hunt them.  By far one of the coolest interviews that I've done.  :)

Elder Burnett and I did the interview and then went to work and had a record setting day of 10 lessons!  We literally taught all day long and it was great!

And to top off this awesome week we had a branch activity with a TON of people.  There were like 60 people there (more than usually come to church) and we had a big pot luck.  We ate pizza, chips, and chicken sandwiches.  It was a pretty cool think to finally see some progress in the branch - mostly thanks to Elder Valdez.

I also broke my shoes at the activity.  After 17 months they finally had enough.  They were good shoes and they look hungry, no?

Love you all!

Elder Harris

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