Monday, June 30, 2014


Dear Family,

I want you to know first off that you guys are some of the best people I know.  I don't think I would be here on the mission without you and your example. Especially mom and dad.  Bishop Collins sent me a letter and I got it this week and he share a bit from Enos.  I studied Enos this week and in Enos 1: 1-3 it really helped me understand that Enos was converted because of his father.  First of all,  he knew that he was a righteous/just man.  Second, He was always teaching him.  Like Bishop said in the letter "a normal day of hunting turned into a day of ponder and prayer . . . "  So thank you for always being Jacob and helping me through the harder times of life.

It seems like everything is going great in Alpine - minus grandma and her leg.  Tell her to stay strong!  It's going to be hard, but she can pull through it!

I do have some pretty good stories this week:

So, we go and see this investigator maybe once or twice every couple of weeks and he has this terrible smoking problem and because of it she can't really walk but she's super nice and gives us pastries.  We have been teaching her and her daughter-in-law and this week when we stopped in she started telling us this story that happened a few days before.

Here's a little backgroud:  Roxanna is the daughter-in-law and when we invited he to be baptized she told us no - she would never be baptized because she was born Catholic, raised Catholic and will die Catholic.  (Like I've never heard that one before!)  So ya, whatever.  So we kept going by to see Lucy (the mom) and this is the story that she told us:  So Lucy wanted to drink some liquor so she went to mix up some wine and coca-cola.  Roxanna's husband and friends were there and Lucy offered some of the drink to Roxanna who said, "no voy a tomar.  Soy mormona!"  Translation:  "I'm not going to drink that!  I'm a Mormon!"  hahaha!

Yeah, she's not even been to church yet, but hey! I guess she's already got a testimony of the Word of Wisdom.  :)  

Story #2:  We did exchanges this week and you'll never guess who I got to work with!?!?!  ELDER ZIVIC!!!  It was just like Fontana all over again and we loved it!  We had such a great day!  There was a holiday here recently called "Dia de Maria" so when E. Zivic and I were teaching a lesson we saw this group of people walking with their Maria statues in hand singing "Santa Maria salvanos Maria!"  Which just means:  Holy Mary, save us Mary.  I just thought to myself that it was just like in Enos 1:20.

Story #3:  Probably on of the biggest miracles of my mission.  So a few months ago, Elder Suarez and I had to close out a contract for the pench that the McKoy's (retired couple) lived in.  The owner has this little "helper" named Daniella that attended to us and helped us to close this contract.  We went by and visited with her several times and got to know her pretty well.  One day when we were leaving E. Suarez said to me how great of a member she would be.  So the next time we passed by we asked her what part of Goya she lived in and she told us in the south - not our area.  A couple of weeks later while we were on divisions in Belgrano, we were knocking on some doors and I didn't really even know where I was.  We got rejected by this guy who seriously so drunk and turned the corner and knocked on another door.  YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHO WE FOUND!  It was Daniella and it was so great!  We had a super good lesson with her where she told us more about her life.  We taught her about the restoration and invited her to be baptized.  It was really fun to talk with her and catch up.

We've had a great week and we're progressing!  Slowly but surely!

Love you!

Elder Harris

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