Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Looking Forward to Great Things!

What's up?!?  :)

I hope you're all doing super good!  It sounds like the week was great and you all look great too.  Ty and Kenz, congrats on the engagement pics.  You're just TOO CUTE  #coupleoftheyear  Then Brae!  So sick!  Your NYC pics couldn't have been better.  I hope you're enjoying every second of the pre-mish life before you hit up an even better time - the mission life!!!

And you're right!  Time really is flying by!  I can't believe I've been in Goya for 5 months now!  I still feels like I just got here but it's been a great time.  I never want to leave GOYA!  Not much is new here - just the same old same old.  We had 5 baptisms here this week (4 converts and 1 member) which was awesome!@  We had a super good time and enjoyed the torta (cake) as always.   It's still not as good as your chocolate cake mom.  :)

And yes, I am keeping a book - not so much about the funny things that happen here, but I do have a journal and another journal with some of my more spiritual experiences.  (I'm trying to be like Nephi.)  #crappymissionjokes

Ha!  It's funny that.  (I asked him if he even remembers his life before his mission.)  Elder Valdez and I were talking about what life was like before the mission, something that we NEVER do and it was weird.  We started talking about music and I don't even remember any of the good bands.  It's kinda sad, but a good thing too!  I can't believe how different my life is here on the mission.  It truly is like Christ said how we should live in the world but not be of the world - something like that.  :) You know, Spanish . . . . :)

It will be strange for you to have me and Braeden out on the mission at the same time and only have Kenzie left at home.  But I promise that it won't be long until I get home and you can talk my ear off all day long.  #makemyearsbleedplease

It's super crazy to think that so many people from our little ward are already heading home.  It feels like yesterday that I was picking up Melissa Devitt at the curb of the MTC and helping her inside and she's already heading home?!?!?!  WHAT??!!

As for teaching and speaking at church - I do have to teach Gospel Principles every once in a while, but not a ton,  just enough to keep me on my toes!  I haven't had to speak yet, but I'm sure I will sooner or later.  :)

As for saying our good-byes, we didn't do that quite yet.  This next Monday we have a mission conference where all the missionaries will get together to say good-bye to the Heymans.  They're enjoying every last second of being our Mission President and like Hermana Heyman said yesterday in her testimony - "Time just goes by way too fast."

So last week when I said that Ibaretta was taking over Goya - Elders Valdez, Zivic, Pacheco, Fuentes, Guajardo and I all recently served in Ibaretta so we have a HUGE part of the district that served there that are now serving here in GOYA!  Such great missionaries and this transfer we are looking forward to great things!

I'm glad that everything is going great at home!  We're just doing awesome - moving forward.  We are working really hard and just having a lot of fun.  It seems like we had a great week finding people - including a TON of families so we have really high expectations for this next week.

Enjoy the week!
Much Love!

Elder Harris

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