Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saying Good-Bye

Hola!  Como esta familia!

We had an awesome conference yesterday with President and Hermana Heyman.  She bawled half the time, and we loved it.  Elder Valdez played Savior, Redeemer of my Soul on the violin (which some random guy in Goya let him borrow) and the assistants sang.  Then we all sang the Army of Helaman and President took off his glasses and kissed Hermana.  :)  They got a big cheer for that one and they we all got to say good-bye to them one by one.  I was sad because Elder Valdez and I had to leave early to go buy tickets for our bus so we only got a short goodbye, but it's okay - we can still call them until the 1st.  :)

Please send Tyler and Makenzie's invitation in the mail.  And how cool for Brae!  He's gonna go rafting!  IF I could do that trip again and totally would.  And a big congrats to Jackson - I would love to be his companion.

The Franco's come the first of July and it's his call if he wants to have a mission conference or just tour each area of the mission.  I imagine that he will just tour the mission - that's what I would do if I were him.

On Wednesday, we went and did divisions this week with the Elders in LaValle and I got tot work with Elder Hulme.  So a member asked us to do a little service and offered to feed us too.  So of course we jumped on that offer!  Since she lives like 2km from the pench we decided to pack our church clothes and change after.  We did the service, ate, shared scriptures and then asked her to come with us to a lesson.  So we went to change before we went to the lesson and I got my pants on, my shirt, my badge, shoes, etc.  Then I started looking for my tie - and ya - I forgot my tie!  Since the lesson was literally 2 houses away and we didn't have time to go all the way back to our pench I just went without one.  It was pretty funny!

We also had a little problem with week.  We found a family a week and a half ago.  They're super cool and wanted to come to church with us.  So we went to pick them up and as we were waiting for them to finish getting ready we talked to them and started to ask them what they needed, what they're problems were, etc.  So we went on to church and after the meeting the boyfriend of the girl we were teaching asked my companion for the money.  He said and I quote, "Yeah, we decided to come and share this moment with you guys, and now we were wondering if you could share with us now."  So we think that they thought we were going to give them money for going to church.  WRONG.  But it was pretty funny and Elder Valdez was super frustrated about that situation.  :)

We also had asado de carpinchincho (Rodents of Unusual Size) and enjoyed a huge slab of meat!

But hey, live and learn, right?

Love you guys!
Elder Harris

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