Monday, March 31, 2014

Super Good Studies

What's up family?

Our plan for tomorrow is that we have district meeting - and it's also the birthday of one of the Sister's in my district so we're going to buy a little torta for her and enjoy it all together.  :)

It's been pretty dry here in Goya although it did rain a little on Saturday night and then again on Sunday morning (Satan) and nobody came to church (again).  When we were walking in our area to look for investigators that morning, the entire area was under water.  None of the members went to church either - we only had like 35 people this week.  Do you remember when someone told me that no one goes to church when it rains in Argentina?  Well, it's true.  :)

Yeah, I know that I look super good in pictures.  Especially with my sexy tan lines - you should see me with my shirt off - it looks like I'm still wearing my white shirt and tie if you know what I mean!?!?!?!  haha!

Will will watch General Conference here in Goya in a big building that's kinda like a stake center.  It has a satellite dish so we will get to watch it live.  It starts at 1, 5 and 9 here.  I'm trying to get it in English for us in another room - but if it's only in Spanish that's alright!  :)

I'm going to be honest, you used some really big words and I don't really know English right now, Mom.  But I'm sorry about your mouth and I hope you get feeling better!  :)

It sounds like your week was really good and mine was too!  We found this family and they're awesome!  They're 29 and 22 and have 3 little kids.  On our first visit with them we left a Book of Mormon and asked them to read Mosiah 2.  Victor read the chapter and when we visited the second time he shared his favorite scripture with me.  It was Mosiah 2:17 and he couldn't be more pumped!  They had a big family party this week in Compo but they'll be coming to General Conference this weekend!

We're also still teaching Jorge and Alicia and they've told us that they want to be baptized but we've got to get them married first!  They have 4 really awesome kids so we're hoping that they can get married the next couple of weeks and then we can set a date for them.

We stopped by to visit Alicia and Valentine this week and had a lesson by candle light since the power cut and it was already dark.  We taught them about the priesthood and how it prepares us to be better men.  We have plans for Valentine to receive the Priesthood so that he can start passing the Sacrament.  He also told us that he would love to serve a mission!  I think I might get him a little plaque that says his name on it with a picture from his baptism.  There is also one of my ties that he loves that I think I'll give to him.  :)

The best part about Valentine is that when he prays, he does it so well!  I literally think that he prays better than I do!  In his prayer this week, he asked God to bless his cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers and then asked for forgiveness of his sins and bad thoughts.  Ya . . . he's going to be an apostle some day.  Seriously, the coolest kid ever!

Something else cool that's been happening this week is my studies!  I've had super good studies this week.  When I was reading in Mosiah 2 the other day, I came across verse 41 where King Benjamin tells us that  we should "ponder on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments" so I decided to pull out my study journal and write down all the blessings that I've seen because of my obedience and/or the obedience of my parents.  It's super cool to see how the Lord just gives us blessings if we are just obedient.

I've been studying my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon this week and taking the advice of Tad R. McCallister who said "Sometimes we need to do more than read the stories of the Book of Mormon, we need to live them."  So while reading, I try to think on how this story applies to me and my life.  It's super cool!

That's it for this week!  I hope you all enjoy Conference like I know that I will!  The prophets live!  God loves!  We get to learn from the best!  The church is true!  Spanish is great!

Elder Harris

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