Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Miss My Brothers


First off, thanks a bunch for the "heads up" mom.  I know that I only have 8 transfers left.  :(  But I'm here to stay in Goya for another transfer!  We were super pumped to stay, especially because we are going to have the baptism for Alicia and Valentine this Saturday!!!  And we heard that another set of Elders have a baptism set up for the same day - so we're going to have a "Baptism Fiesta"!

And yeah, it been raining pretty hard lately.  This Sunday we only had 25 people show up to church.  8 were missionaries (4 more because the district president and his family came) and then there was another family because the Branch President asked her to speak.  I did get a chance to share a few thought in Sacrament meeting.  I shared on the importance of our examples and how although it was raining, the streets were flooded and nobody wanted to leave their homes that those of us were there decided to be obedient and come to church to renew our covenants with our Father.  It was awesome to feel the strong spirit there.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tell Braeden that I'm proud of him.  For real!  He's such a great example, and he's been a bigger example to me throughout the years.  Also tell T-bird and the gang that if they want me on the softball team next summer that they better step up their game!  State champs mean nothing to me!  :)  But dang straight, I'll be playing with the boys!

This week was pretty calm.  Since we had district meeting, transfers, and preparing for consejo, we pretty much lost our time to get much work done this week.  On Saturday we did splits with two young men here in Goya, and we did work!  It was great.  I got to work with Eze and Suarez went with Damien.  They are brothers and they have 8 boys in their family.  Eze is 17 and when I'm at their house it always makes me miss my brothers.  After we did splits, we went back to their house and their mom had cooked like 8 pizzas for her boys and the missionaries (us)!  :)

Consejo yesterday was great!  I think I figured out something super important this week - that we need to focus on what's going right in our lives more than the negative because when we dwell on the negative, we become more negative.  Our thoughts make us who we are!

Oh!  Hma Oviedo game me the SICKEST vest and an athletic jacket for the soccer team here in Argentina!  It's fresh!  Definatly cool!

Love you guys!  See you soon!

Elder Harris

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