Monday, March 10, 2014

A Stamp on My Heart

What's up Mother of a recently engaged child!  How does it feel?  Your first son getting hitched?  And in about 13 more months you might have two!  :)

I'm glad to hear that Brae and Kenzie are doing better - I sure do miss those two.  And a big Congrats to Tyler and Kenzie Sage!  They look great in the pics.  They really do.  I'm wondering if Tyler decided to rep my shoes for the big day.  If so, tell him he can have them to remember the day.  :)

Well - this week is transfers.  Tomorrow night Elder Suarez and I will be going to the church to print off the calls and we get to make the phone calls.  In a way, I guess I'll be one of the first people to know what's happening in the mission this week!  But yeah, I don't know what's ahead for me.  I haven't heard anything and President is pretty good at keeping things quiet around the mission so we just have to wait and see.  I just know that I'd really like to stay in an area for more than 7 weeks so hopefully I stay here for awhile longer!

This week I had an interesting experience.  We were walking and this man that seemed a little tipsy yelled at us.  He was sitting with a few young boys so we went over to talk with them.  My companion started his own little discussion with the boys so I started talking to this man.  Long story short, he told me that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.  He told me that as he was GAZING profoundly into my eyes that he saw freedom, happiness and joy.  Humble, I had to agree.  I truly am happy, free and joyful!  As I stared back into his eyes I started to notice how truly sad he was.  I got to tell him what I saw in his eyes and the word I chose was "confused".  That's truly just what he is, just confused.  Blinded by Satan and his lies . . .

We also had the sweet opportunity to have a zone meeting with President Heyman and the assistants.  They came and we had a great practice with them and we learned a lot too!

I also had to travel to Resistencia for something to do with my visa with another Elder here.  We basically didn't sleep all night because of the awkward bus routes and then didn't even finish everything while we were in Resistencia so we'll have to go back later on in the month - but it's alright.

I also had a super spiritual experience while on this trip.  I have been reading the book "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard and I had just finished it when we were waiting in the terminal in Corrientes.  I read a story about how Elder Ballard was on a trip with 3 super successful businessmen and realized how they truly weren't happy.  When he returned home he expressed to his wife how he was truly the "richest" of them all because he had something that would last forever - family, friends and a profound love of God.

I started to think about my personal happiness and I felt impressed to look up.  When I did, I started to see in the eyes of all the people around me and how they truly weren't happy.  It was one of those moments that's hard to explain, but it seemed to put a little stamp on my heart.

As for our investigators, Alicia told us that she wants to be baptized on the 22nd and we invited her grandson to be baptized with her.  I hope he decides to follow her decision!  The other two are working on getting married.  This past Sunday we passed by to pick up Carlos for church and his brother was with him and wanted to come too.  Little did we know, the brother had been drinking that morning and during our Gospel Principles class the brother started talking and Carlos smacked him right in the mouth!  (Yes, this was in the middle of our lesson)  It was honestly hilarious!  :)

Give everyone a big hug for me and tell them that I love them!
Wish dad a happy birthday for me too.

Love you!
Elder Harris

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