Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Big News!

Holy cow.  I have news for you.

and 10 minutes to do so.

So here's the deal . . .

I got transferred to a new area.  I didn't do anything wrong, but now I'm the district leader in Fontana, Formosa with Elder Zivic.

The area I'm now in doesn't have hardly anything.  I thought that Argentina was pretty civilized . . I thought wrong.  My new area is the closest thing I can get to camping without actually being in the moutains.  We went to the cyber yesterday to email and waiting for 30 minutes for the main page to load.  So don't expect to hear much from me over the next couple of weeks.  We got permission from the President to write to you guys today.  Oh, and I seriously won't be sending any pics - I'm not even going to try.  I'll send them when I get to an area with good internet connections.

We will be white washing this area and Elder Zivic and I don't hardly know anything.  The district has 3 sets of Elders (including us).  They are from Chile, Argentina, Peru and Elder Haselton is from American Fork.  :) haha!  So I guess I can speak English with one person!

So to sum up the week . . .

Monday we had the awesome mission activity!
Tuesday we had Christmas Eve and worked a fool!
Wednesday was Christmas and I got to talk to you!  :)
Thursday I got a call from President and was told that I'm leaving.
Friday I sent from 4 in the morning until 11 in a collectivo (without A/C) or waiting in a terminal.
Saturday we worked.
Sunday my companion was sick . . . and we didn't leave the pench all day.
Yesterday, still sick and we didn't get to do too much.
. . . which brings me to now.

Holy cow.  If you can't bear testimony of the gift of tongues . . . I can.  Having to talk to my companion, the ZLs and the district 24/7 in Castellano and understanding and speaking somewhat fluently . . . it's crazy.  Seriously it is.

I've never prayed so much in my life, or with as such strength.  But I feel like the spirit is teaching me new things each day and this opportinity to serve has taught me a lot in the past few days.

I'm planning on buying something special for about $120 - so if you could put some cash on my card.  I'm going to be taking out abou $170 next week for travels and such.  To get here from VA is cost me about 400 pesos so I went with out cash for a few days.  The mission is going to reimburse me, but I have to travel a lot in the next few weeks and having a little extra cash is always nice!!!  :)  Plus, everything in my city is almost double the price since it's in the middle of nowhere!  But I promise I'm not going to go crazy on buying food.  I've got my oatmeal, rice and noodles.  :)

Gotta run!!
Please put more money on my card!!!
I love you guys!  I'm not sure when I will write again, but I'll try my hardest to write this Monday!!!

-Elder Harris  :)

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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