Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Been a Hard Week

Sounds like things for you this week weren't so perfect.  To be honest, I've had a hard week too, but if it's not hard, then how do we get stronger?  Compare it to the gym . . .

We're on a different schedule now in our mission.  We go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7.  Then we study during siesta which is the hottest part of the day.  We just started doing this a week ago and I'm surprised at how nice those extra 30 minutes of sleep are!  :)

To answer your question, I do think that it pretty cool that I've been to Nauvoo before.  I just think about all of my blessings every day here.  I can't believe how much the Lord has truly blessed our family.  Let me help you count your blessings:  Our hose doesn't flood when it rains, our shower has water pressure, the water is clean and safe to drink, our home has an HVAC system, food is good in America!  I could go on and on and on . . .


As for this week:

Monday:  We had DTR with some of our investigator that haven't been keeping their commitments too well.  We had an awesome chat with each of them and decided to keep teaching them and then big surprise - they didn't come to church on Sunday.  So I think that we're really going to be saying good-bye to them for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday:  We met 2 awesome guys.  The first one is Oscar and he let us teach him the same lesson that we had taught his girlfriend, Victoria earlier (the Restoration) and he loved it.  He even told us that he would definitely pray about it!

The second guy is Fabian.  He's the son of one of our less active members.  He told us about his challenges and is truly humble and prepared to change.  We talked a lot about the atonement and help him to overcome his trials. 

That night we had dinner with a member who cooked us some bad pizza.  E Humphries and I got sick and enjoyed a little South American Surprise . . .

Wednesday:  We spent the day visiting people like normal.  We saw the Monzon family and they're doing great!  We also saw Maria (the little girl who was baptized) and she just beams!  I love it!

Thursday:  It was HOT.  Like 115 in the morning.  The Zone Leaders came and we did divisions so I worked with E. Deniston in VillaAngela.  We met this family of girls! They were this super awesome, sweet family.  We then jumped on a bus to Las Brenas and while we were there, we met a convert that knew Elder Beach!!!  They were so pumped that I knew Beach too!  We talked with them about the temple and the spirit that we feel when we go to the temple.  It got me feeling a little trunky.  It's seriously the biggest blessing to have 6 temples within an hours drive of our house!

We also ran into a couple of girls (we call them snakes) who tried to invite us in to "dance to a song or two" but we just peaced out.  I'll be honest, it was one of the WORST pick-up lines I've ever heard . . .

We were also guided by the spirit to this lady who had been baptized two years ago in Buenos Aries and had recently moved into our area.  Long story short - the spirit was burning.

I learned a lot that day from Elder Deniston.  He acts a lot like Tyler so it felt like I was following my big brother around.  :)

Friday:  Elder Deniston and I continued to work as we came back to Villa Angela.  There's only 1 bus that goes to and from each day.  It leaves LB at 7 a.m. and leaves VA at 3 p.m.  We also met a girl that day named Daniella.  She was pretty cool and later in the week we taught her mom the Restoration. 

Saturday was a rough day.  I remember Brother Dickman telling me that there will come a point when you will cry because you can't speak the language and help those you want to help.  For him, he was in the bathroom.  For me, it was on the front steps of the church.  It was one of the longest days of the week - and I'll just leave it at that.  :)

Sunday: was really great!  We had an awesome day at church and I only fell asleep for a little bit.  And then we met this little boy named Alejandro who was as cool as can be!  Oh, and we cooked some BBQ chicken pizza for lunch.  Ya.  That good.

My last story is another breast feeding story - funny story of the week!

So we're walking back home last night and this moto passes us.  There are 2 young women and a baby on it that is crying hysterically.  As they pass by I say something like "Awww!"  And E. Humphires says to me, "don't worry, he's just hungry."  We both just laughed because everyone here "feeds" in public.  So we keep walking a while longer and we notice that they have pulled over and switched drivers.  As they passed us again, Humphries was right - the girl in the back was feeding the baby right in front of us as they drove by.  Humphries just looked at me and said, "told ya so!"

It's raining really hard today, so no pictures because I didn't bring my camera!

Love you!

-Elder Harris

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