Monday, December 2, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have a Little Mud on Your Shoes

Bueno!!  I'll try to answer some of your questions:

1.  Yes, it's hot here!!!  But I'm surviving.  It has also been raining like made and our apartment only floods in the huge storms.  Luckily we didn't get flooded this week.  :)

2.  Thank you so much for sending the package!  I don't really think that I'll get it until like February but I guess I'll get it when I get it!  I did find out that all the missionaries are going to Resistencia on the 23rd to celebrate Christmas with the Heyman's.  They're so dope.  I wish I could explain!

3.  I'm understand the language - at least everything that is gospel related.  But when people get talking about anything besides something I learned in Spanish 1 or the MTC - I'm lost.  But it's alright, it's slowly coming.  This last Sunday I only slept in Sunday School instead of all 3 hours . . so I figure that I'm doing better than before!  Progress is all that the Lord asks of us.  :)

4.  I haven't bought any rain boots yet because I haven't found any but I did get a hat! 

5.  The rain came through the window and under the door.  Clearly you an tell that our apartment isn't sealed up very well.  :)

6.  Mosquitoes.  We found this really awesome thing at the super market that you burn in this little ring thing and it keeps the mosquitos away.  So now were not getting eaten alive all night!!  Thank Heavens for modern technology . . .

This week in Villa Angela was interesting:

Monday:  I made a poster . . .  every morning I wake up to this HUGE poster of Christ. It sets my mind right and helps keep me focused on my objective.. I love it!


Tuesday:  We had lunch with Hermana Garcia and then took off for Las Brenas.  We got there and the ZL's still weren't back so we had dinner with a member there and then went to work without knowing where we were going.  To be honest, we wandered around trying to figure out where we were for a while.  We ended up on this long dirt road - so I had to pull out my harmonica because I felt like a cowboy walking down the boulevard of broken dreams!  haha  (man, 7th grade was tight)



Wednesday:  We had a training by our Zone Leaders:  Taylor and Deniston.  They did a great job!  Afterwards we got some lunch and headed back to Villa.  It had rained a bit so it was super muddy out and we were walking down this super long road.  I thought that one side of the road might be less muddy than the other so I was on one side and Humphries was on the other.  I finally decided that maybe his side was better than mine so I started wading across this mud and had to cross this sewer line on this log to get to dry ground.  Well . . . with the mud on my shoes and my overly ecstatic charisma - I slipped.  Yup.  RIGHT INTO THE SEWER!  It took me a few seconds to rock climb my way to dry ground. 

Once I wasn't mud skating we decided to go "clap" (we clap outside out houses to let them know that we're there instead of knocking) this house right in front of us. The nice lady let us in and we had an awesome first lesson with her.  During the closing prayer she started to cry and continued to cry for at least a minute and a half after we closed the prayer.  All she said was "I feel the Spirit" and so we explained to her who when we feel the Spirit we know that God is happy with the things that we're doing.  It was an awesome was to end the night.

Thursday: Happy Turkey Day!  We ate tacos.  It was probably the worst day for the mosquitos too.  I'm grateful for a lot of things - but these freaking mosquitos aren't one of them!  Haha

Friday:  We had meetings with the branch that felt like all day.  It just takes so long to walk everywhere so we didn't have a lot of time to work but we did have a few good lessons.  It was a hard day.

Saturday:  Probably the best day of my week!  We met with this sister whose husband has recently passed away.  I understand that her husband was like a pioneer for the church in Villa Angela but all of her kids are pretty anti.  They are constantly sending preachers to her house to explain to her why the Mormons are wrong.  We told her that until all these people take Moroni's challenge and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true then they can't say that we're wrong.  We spent the rest of the time talking about Joseph Smith and his influence and desire to obey the Lord.  It was a super good lesson.

So funny story.  Later that day we visited a family and I think they were all drunk.  This one girl in particular was smoking, drinking and breast feeding all at the same time!  Great combo right?  I was pretty bugged but she was telling us that she knows the Bible better than we do and during our little chat she asked us if we knew who "Jennifer" was.  So, me, being my smart gringo self said, "Oh!  That's my Mom!"  The whole family just looked at me and was like "What did you say?"  They then explained to me that this one time they heard that Jennifer was actually Lucifer's real name!  Haha!  But don't worry mom, I told them that you weren't nearly as bad as Satan.  :)

Sunday:  We had testimony meeting.  I think that I've finally figured out why we have testimony meeting each month.  It's to check our progress on our testimonies!  It gives us a chance to look back on the past month and find out where our testimonies have been strengthen/weakened.  It gives us time to reflect on what we need to do to improve them!

So I got up and bore my testimony like the proudest gringo around.  I spoke about my testimony of Joseph Smith - that's what I feel like that's where my testimony has increased this month.  I know that Joseph was a Prophet called of God.  That no man would suffer what he went through if he wasn't called of God. 

I've been studying my scriptures like crazy this week.  I feel like I'm starting to learn who Christ is, who my Father in Heaven is and the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives. 

I love you guys!
I miss you like crazy!

Keep the Faith,

Elder Harris

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