Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mangos and More!


How´re you guys? From the email it seems like everything was pretty.. uneventful. :)

My week also was pretty normal. Just another week in the field :)

This week we had to go to Consejo de Lideres (leadership council) and we learned how we need to be using "He is the Gift" to promote missionary work - in finding, reactivating and retaining people. So if you haven´t seen it yet... go onto christmas.mormon.org NOW and watch it. Seriously, before you keep reading, check it out.

Anyways, Rosalia moved. Ya, our progressing investigator just packed up and went off to Buenos Aires like it was no big deal. We were pretty sad about it.
Since we´ve been using this "Él es la Dádiva" to tract, we´ve been giving these cards to everyone and their dogs because there´s a lot of dogs here. But really, we went into a Kiosko the other day that´s right around the corner from our pench and we decided to give the lady who was working named Ariseli a card to check out the video. She then rambled on for 15 minutes about how she´s been meaning to talk to us because recently her dad died and her best friends´ something died the other day too. We sent the missionaries to her house and she told us that she wanted to learn more. (She told us she was scared to talk to us because she thinks that gringos are cute) those blue eyes will get ya ;)
But this week, I don’t know what happened, but we just found a bunch of pregnant ladies. Not even kidding. Almost every door we knocked this week we were greeted by a lady with a tank top on and her big pregnant belly exposed to us. It was funny at first, but by the end of the week I was tired of seeing pregnant bellies. Honestly, I think that we knocked into 9 or 10 pregnant ladies, and only 5 listened. I don’t know, maybe it´s that time of year.
We did have another super awesome lesson with Aldo and Laura. Aldo is awesome. We shared on how we can receive an answer if the Book of Mormon is true. We even asked him if he has asked God if the book is true, and he said he hasn´t yet, but he has been asking God why we showed up on his door the same week his brother-in-law passed away. He definitely thinks God is part of this situation. He´s awesome. We´re gonna be working so he can get baptized with his fiancé Laura.
AND! As we were waiting for Aldo to finish something up, there were these 2 little kids that yelled at us from the street who said they were baptized in our church about a year ago. They gave us their address but we didn’t know where it was.. so the day after we were walking and guess who we saw! These kids at their house! We stopped by and found out that their mom is a member and her husband wants to get baptized! His name is Gustavo. He set his own baptismal date. We haven´t had a chance to really sit down and teach him, but we did show him the "He is the Gift" video.
We have mangos everywhere!  We pick them off our tree!  We have a balcony on our pench and part of this tree overhangs our balcony so we just go grab them off of there. :)
I´ve been making this mango ice cream lately.. its SOO good! Sometimes Ii´ll put this mango ice cream in our blender with bananas (30 bananas for a dollar right now) with a little yogurt and juice... its SOO good.

But that’s about it for me. We had Sofia come to church with her aunt and we haven´t had a chance to talk to her parents about her getting baptized, but it was our goal for this week but now with the news of going to Uruguay its gonna change things up a little bit!
As for this week I´ve been studying a lot in Lehi´s dream. I love this story. I think Lehi´s advice is critical in verse 33 and 34

 33  Y grande era la multitud que entraba en aquel singular edificio. Y después de entrar en él nos señalaban con dedo de escarnio a mí y también a los que participaban del fruto; pero no les hicimos caso.
 34  Éstas son las palabras de mi padre: Pues todos los que les hicieron caso se perdieron.
The people that cared what the people in the building were saying "were lost" because they fell away from the tree. We need to just focus on what we know to be true and "no hace caso" to the people that just say things because if we keep reading... Laman and Lemuel never even tried this fruit, how could they have known it wasn´t good?
Keep the Faith. If people are telling you things, remember the basics.
God loves us. Jesus is the Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know these things without a doubt in my heart.

With all the love I posess, because I do love you all.
Elder Harris III

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