Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Nights Until Christmas

Querido familia mio,
como andan? 

Twas 3 nights until Christmas and all though my town. 
I still saw no signs of snowing, not even a sound. 
Because it reached 110 the other day and I´m very saddened to say 
That I don’t think that Santa and his big red coat will be coming over this way. 

That was my poem. I just wrote it. I hope you enjoyed it.  :)

So, 3 more days and you get to see me again. I´ll bet you´re all just dying with excitement. I know I would be. I’ll be calling at Noon for you guys. :)

As for my week, it was good. We sent Elder Flake off on Tuesday morning to another city called El Colorado. Right after district meeting I went on divisions to do a few baptism interviews. One of these guys was awesome. His name was Jorge. He asked me a question that I honestly didn´t know how to respond to, and for the first time I felt just how I imagine a bishop feels when someone steps into their office wanting comfort. The spirit just filled my mind with what I needed to tell this man, and we had a super great conversation. He was baptized and confirmed this week.

You´ll never believe this - so remember a few weeks ago how all the people we found were pregnant ladies... well, this week almost every door we knocked were less active members. It was cool at first, then it got super interesting then it just got funny... and after finding about 15 less active families it just got old. I wanna BAPTIZE!!

We are teaching this one family right now that is awesome. We´ve had 4 lessons with them up until now. They´re named Christian and Johanna and THEY¨RE MARRIED. Ya!!! They have 3 kids. One is 8, the other is 5 and a baby that’s almost 2. They are super cool. Christian works at a matadero (where they kill and skin cows) and I asked him how is job is... so he took a video of them killing, gutting, and skinning the cows. It was super interesting. 

Anyways, Johanna told us that Christian wants to get baptized and they read the BoM literally EVERYDAY. I´ve never had an investigator that reads as much as they do. It rained super hard this Sunday morning, so they didn´t come to church.. But they´re gonna be baptized before I leave this area for sure!

We´re working very well. Having the daily commute to "work" and back every day is getting old. That stupid bus never passes by. The other day we waited at the bus stop for an hour just to work for an hour then come home to be obedient! 

But sadly, while doing service for a member (we made concrete by hand and made it into his floor) Elder Brough hurt his back. So, the mission doc thinks that he did something to a disc, so we just relaxed for a few days. I was terribly bored. But hey! I got some time to read the scriptures!

Speaking of, this week I had a thought that’s super interesting. In 1 Nephi 16. Nephi after breaking his bow, goes and  the first thing he does is makes sure his brothers understand they have sinned and they need to "return" to the Lord. (may I remind you he´s still probably just as hungry as his family) THEN he goes to make a bow and ONE arrow. He only made 1 arrow then asked his Dad where he needs to go. I can honestly say that Nephi was one consecrated kid. He was so consecrated that even when he was starving he didn’t complain. We can learn a lot about life and the type of people the Lord wants us to be by the scriptures. I love Nephi and his never ending example of obedience and diligence.

I love you guys!
Merry Christmas!
Schlumberger! (ask brae)

Elder Harris III

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