Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfers . . . .

Hey Family!

So first things first . . . I'm still in here GOYA!  Transfer #5 - you better believe it!  7 months in this beautiful city full of idolitry, big fish, and some of the people that I love more than Lone Peak Basketball.  #shoutout  I'm super excited to be here for another transfer and my companion is . . . . Elder VALDEZ!  We stayed together!  This makes 3 transfers and I'm so happy that we get along really well and that he's a normal dude.  :)

Please send some pics from girls' camp.  Sounds like a dream come true - you know that the Alpine version of camping is officially 100x better than how 50% of the people here live?  So tell those little princesses to count their blessings.  :)

Not much happened this week, but I do have a quick story about how the Lord blesses us.  So we went to see an antiguo - she had talked to the missionaries about a year and a half ago - so when we stopped by and started chatting with her she showed us that she had 4 copies of the Book of Mormon.  It didn't look like she had even touched one of them so she told us to take a couple of them.  We hesitantly took 2 and I had to carry them since there was no room in my side bag.  So we usually carry 2 Books of Mormon with us each day with a goal of giving both of them out - but since we had 4 - we did some crazy finding and found 10 new people and placed all 4 books!  It's so cool to see that after our hard work that the Lord guided us to this lady to "reload" our stash.

Today we've been in interviews with President Franco.  All I can say is that he's great!  Absolutely incredible.  He has this vision of "Love for the people" and real growth in the church.  He sees that we have more than enough people in these branches to make stakes.  He wants us to reactivate these families while keeping up with our current baptism rates.  And to do that we are going to make sure that we (ourselves) are converted to the Lord to help others to be as converted as we are.  I've been super excited all day after this interview with him.

I love you guys!
Have a good week!

Elder Harris

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