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Hey Mom!  I don't have much time but I'll give you a run down of where I've been and I do have permission to write to you tomorrow about everything else.

Today we had Consejo in Resistencia and I'm now in the terminal waiting on my collectivo.  I've got some BIG news.

Transfers were this week . . . and I'm no long in Fontana.  I got transferred to Goya, Corrientes to be the Zone Leader. I'm still the DL too - so things are kinda crazy and I'm even busier than ever!!!  But I love it.

My companion is Elder Suarez and he's from Rio Negro, Argentina.  We're doing WORK together!  We also live in a pench with 2 other Elders - E. Toledo (Chile) and E. Sibaja (Mexico).

In other crazy news, there is a Sister in my district that is from ALPINE!  She graduated the same year as me and I didn't even know her!  YA!  Crazy, right??

I'll give you more details tomorrow.  Love you!

-Elder Harris

P.S. - I got a package from you today!  Muchisimo gracias  :)

And then on Tuesday:

Hey!  I don't have much time.  I've been sprinting all day and I finally have 20 minutes.

So dad is truck shopping?  Dibs on the Chevy . . .

To answer some of your questions:  That chapel in the picture was in Colonia.  I never did take a picture of the one in Fontana but the one in Fontana was a lot nicer.  It didn't have a piano but we did have a DVD player and speakers for the hymns but the one in Bartolome was the same as Russia - a little cassette tape player.

In Fontana we ate with a member once a week - every Saturday.  The food there was super expensive and so every once in a while we had some extra money so we would splurge and buy chicken or carne (beef). Other than that, we usually settled for rice and something on the side.  I think I've lost a few pounds . . .

So we had transfers this week and it was crazy.  We had our last District Meeting in Pirane and then I spent the rest of the night packing.  It's great here, I really do like it!  When I got here we just jumped right into the busiest schedule ever.  We work like horses and I love it!  I literally don't feel I've ever worked so hard in my life... We forget to eat sometimes.. ya. that hard.

One of the highlights of my week was the we had about 120 people at church!  BIG DIFFERENCE!  It was so nice to attend priesthood with more than 4 people.  So great!

We also had a missionary in our zone who had to go to another area so we took him to the terminal at 12 p.m. to get him to his collectivo - but it didn't get there until 2:30 - but our collectivo for Resistencia left at 3:30 - so after he left, we sprinted to the pench, showered, got packed up and sprinted back to the terminal where we made it just in time to catch our bus!  Consejo was great!  I bet President put pictures up.  He taught us some awesome stuff.

So the 4 of us live in this super tiny pench that's made for 2 - so the 4 of us in there is a little insane!  But they're super funny and we love it and are enjoying every minute of it!  Plus the weather here in Goya, es de diez!!  I't seriously like a vacation - but I'm running and sweating and everyone looks at me super funny.  :)

But hey!  I love you guys - I gotta go!

Elder Harris

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