Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and More . . .

It was super good to talk to you guys yesterday!  I hope that you don't think that I'm out here having too much fun because I really am being obedient, working hard, and seeing miracles because of it.  Sometimes I feel like when I talk about Anadarko that it's such a sad place, but it's really not that terrible.  The people here just need some help and that's why we're here - to help clean up some of this mess and this upcoming week we're going to get out there and get to work again!

We will make this branch more united too.  I can't believe how much fun this is - being a missionary!  And I'm totally fine spending the next 3 months or more here until my visa comes. The heat is coming - but the heat is coming in Argentina too this I guess that means that I only have 1 winter and 3 summers to look forward to. Yipee!  I also took all my pants to the dry cleaners, but like everything else around here, they don't accept credit cards.  Tight.

It was also great to talk to Ty.  It was awesome!  :)  When he answered he was like "who is this?"  So I said, "Your best friend."  Haha - he didn't know it was me.  :)  But it was great to talk to him.  It sounds like he had an awesome time in Spain, Africa and Portugal.  Man, tell that kid to count his blessings.

Today we're driving to Duncan to play some basketball for zone p-day.  While we were walking on Main Street in Anadarko we found this little trophy shop.  We had them make us a "1st Place Duncan Zone" trophy for us.  We're going to take is up to the tournament today and the winners each time can take it home.  (It's coming to Anadarko!  haha)

This past week just flew by.  I saw a ton of dogs, had some nice dinners, did some service and preached the gospel!

Last Monday we helped build that roof for that family that lost theirs.  They eneded up running out of money before the project was complete but the guy told us that once he had the funds he was going to call us to come back and help out.  I just feel so bad for them.  I found out that the mom and 4 kids were IN THE HOUSE when the roof came off!  Could you even imagine that?

That night we continued my birthday celebration with Tracy and Haley.  I totally kicked trash at pin the tail on the donkey!  :)

Tuesday we had little success.

Wednesday - I got sick.  And like always it was a one day killer.  But I did as President Butler said and just kept working through it.  It was HOT outside that day and it literally felt like 100 with the humidity.  The good news is that we sweat and sweat and sweat and even though I'm up 10 pounds, I'm sure it will be gone soon!  We visited with a bunch of less actives since all of our investigators bailed.

At mutual that night we had a HUGE storm.  It flooded the streets on the way home and we had about quarter sized hail! 

Thursday was Zone Conference in Lawton.  President and Sister Taylor taught us about the gathering of Isreal and the Holy Ghost.  They were SO good.  I do have some questions for dad though:

1.  From who did Lehi get his priesthood?
2.  When was the preisthood lost? Or when did we go into an Apostacy from the time between Moses to Christ?  (Mainly Book of Mormon) Like with Nephi in 3 Nephi - did he have the fullness of the priesthood?  Or . . . the reason I ask is because the priesthood was restored by prophets in 7 dispensations.  Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Christ, and Joseph Smith.  All of the other apostosies (time wise) make sense - except Moses to Christ because we have the Book of Mormon.  Any input is appreciated.

We had dinner that night at the Kleinkol's.  They're the ones I was telling you about that have 11 dogs, 15 cats and a ferret named Crazy Horse.  They are huge ZZ Top fans and even went to a concert the other night!  They're like grandma and grandpa's age - so tight! haha

Friday was the best day of the week (besides Sunday of course).  I went on exchanges - Elder Young came to Anadarko and worked with Nelson and me.  He only has about 3 weeks left of his mission and he's so sad to leave.  He's a spiritual giant compared to Nelson and me.  We helped Sister Mumford fix up her car and had dinner at Sister Blanchard's house.  Her husband died a few years ago and since then she's had many spiritual experiences where she has felt his presence in the room  It's insane to me how thin the veil really is.

After dinner we met with some investigators.  When we walked into their home, I didn't know what we were going to teach, so I said a quiet prayer that we would know what we should teach them.  The husband mentioned that they had read Ether 12 that we assigned them.  I had forgotten about that and so we re-read it with them and talked a lot about faith that night.

The wife has been sick for the past couple of months and on Thursday night she received a blessing from one of the members of the branch.  Brother Decker told her that she had to have faith that she would be healed.  She told him that she would.  Later she told us that she felt this feeling that night that she had only felt one other time in her life.  The feeling was like a big warm hug.  We  explained to her that she was feeling the spirit.  She also told us that she felt better and then expressed how difficult the scriptures are for her to understand.  Elder Nelson shared an experience with her on faith and I remembered and experience that I had in the MTC learning Spanish.  I told her that like me, she would have to practice every day in learning the "Language of the Scriptures".  I had to practive each day reading the scriptures in Spanish.  And although I can't read them perfectly, over time it's been a lot easier.  She promised the Book of Mormon and her husband did too!

Our plans didn't work out on Saturday, like always, but it was still an awesome day.  We met with a couple of people that have some family problems to work out.  It's a good thing that they have the Atonement and some good looking missionaries to solve the issues!  haha 

After lunch we did some tracting and met with a few of our investigators.  While we were walking, we started cleaning up some more of the branches that had fallen in the storm on Wednesday and because of it, I think we might just have 4 more potentials!

We walked passed this one guy on the st side of town who told us "I don't want nothing to do with ya'll, just keep on walking."  So we did - but we saw that a branch had fallen on the gate and a few more branches were laying around the yard of one of our investigators who lives across the street from him.  So we went over and cleaned it up and put all the branches in a big pile.  As we were walking away, that same guy called out to us and asked us if we wanted a Pepsi.  Of course we're not going to say no to a Pepsi!  He ended up telling us how much he appreciates how we help people out all day and don't expect anything in return.  He thought that sharing a Pepsi with us was the least that he could do.  Such a good guy.  We're going to go help him out another time.

We made Tracy a Mother's Day card since she is our Okey-Mom.  She absolutely loved it and we always seem to talk about miracles with her.  I told her the story that day about dad's leg and they couldn't believe it.  I love how powerful the gospel and the power of testimony is!

On Sunday we went to church and one of our investigators showed up!  We were so excited!  We had lunch at the Bateman's and then we got to call you!  Later that night we took that food box that we got at church to Charlie.  We didn't leave a note or anything, but hopefully he can see how many miracles are happening in his life.  Is not, I'm going to point them out to him!!

I love you!

-Elder Harris

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