Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Clean Up Time!


I got an email this week saying that they are still working on my Visa.  It also said that I would be leaving as soon as it came - so keep praying, please!  With all the variables that I've seen and the fishy answers I've been getting, I thought for sure that my Visa was here.  So this past week I got a bunch of pictures with people and said good-bye to everyone.

Elder Beach and Hermana Stone (both left the MTC the same day as me) are both in Argentina now.  Beach emailed me and told me that it's amazing.  So I guess I'll just keep waiting here in Anadarko.

Today is transfer day - so we're going to be driving up to the city in a few hours to drop off Elder Curry.  Yes - Elder Curry is leaving and I'm super sad to see him go.  :(  I seriously love E. Curry!  So Nelson and I will be running Anadarko and another missionary named Elder Trip.  Nobody from the district knows who he is - so I guess we'll find out!  When Elder Curry told us he started to cry.  Not a good day for all of us - we're so sad to see him go.  I really wish we could just all stay together and run this town - but it is the Lord's work and he needs Curry somewhere else.

So as for the tornado - there were several towns that go hit.  Even though most of the damage was in Moore - we've been working in a town called New Castle.  It's about 30 miles from here and we worked up there all day on Friday and Saturday.  We threw trees, picked up metal, found people's things (I found a taxadermy deer head!), and just tearing apart what was left of people's houses.  E. Curry and I tore apart an entire half of a house!  It was awesome!  The support to help get things cleaned up is incredible.  I got one of those Mormon Helping Hands T-Shirts and it was incredible to see all the different faiths helping each other to clean up the mess.  There were probably 500-1000 people there on Saturday.  We did WORK!!!

During the past two weeks we have been breaking records in Anadarko!  The old record for member present lessons was 5 with an avereage of 1 per week.  These past two weeks we've had 10, then 8.  We have 3 solid baptismal dates - all single sisters and about 15 solid investigators.  There's still a lot of work to do here.

There is this lady here named Cindy.  She has some serious medical problems and I gave her a blessing a couple of weeks ago.  I feel like that when we talk to her that she often times teaches us more about faith.  She has so much faith in Christ - it's remarkable.  Plus she loves the Book of Mormon and comes to church each week.  There is this great lady who pick her up and brings her.

We had a solid week and I learned a very valuable lesson.  We had dinner one night at this family's home.  They are in line to get a divorce and it was probably one of the most awkward dinners I've ever been to.  The husband was very disrespectful to his wife and it was very frustrating.  I learned that I don't ever want to be that way to a woman.  I don't want to EVER be looked at like this guy.  I'm so thankful for you and dad.  I love you guys!!

Tell Carson to email me from the MTC!  I love that kid.  I'm sure that his farewell talk was amazing!

Love and miss you!  :)
Keep the Faith!

Your Favorite Missionary,
-Elder Harris

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