Monday, May 20, 2013

From the Mission President (7:30 am)

Dear Parents:  As you may know, yesterday we experienced severe storms including several large tornadoes in our mission area.  All of the missionaries are safe.  Damage occured in localized areas.  While two of the larger tornadoes caused substatial damage in the Carney and North Shawnee communites, we are grateful that most of the tonadoes touched down in more remote, unpopulated areas.

While severe storms can occur in any month of the year in Oklahoma and Texas, May is the month when the most tornadoes have occurred historically.  We havea system of alerting the missionaries of approaching storms.  This system includes texts and telephone warnings well in advance of the storms and updates as the storms continue.  Each companionship is to have a local weather contact with whom they communicate about local weather conditions in the event of severe storms.  Our missionaries have been given written materials and periodic zone conference instruction informing them of what to do in the event of severe weather.  We also have a communication system which we use to confirm the safety and location of our missionaries in the event of severe weather.

We are grateful for the Lord's protection of His missionaries.  We are also grateful for your prayers.  You have wonderful sons and daughters and you should be very proud of them  We love them and aer priviledged to serve with them.

When we experience tornado outbreaks in the future (and we expect more today) we will keep you updated once the storms pass and we confirm the safety of all our missionaries.

Warm Regards,

President Taylor

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