Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm Still in South America

Well Mom, it´s Monday again, and I´m here to tell you that I’m still in South America. :)
It’s hot, but we don´t complain. 

Braeden also told me that he´s doing good. I´m happy to hear that he´s happy and healthy. I´m doing well too. I´m just so beyond blessed that I’ve never really gotten sick or hurt on my mission. It’s definitely been a blessing.

So, as for this week, we worked our tails off. But we also had a few funny stories.

First off, Elder Brough told me while sitting at the bus stop that Taylor Swift only has 6 types of songs:
1. He´s too good for me.
2. I´m too good for him.
3. I´m over him.
4. He doesn´t notice me
5. I´m 15.
6. I´m 22.

I thought you´d get a good laugh out of that.

Also, a sister told me this one - Why did the hipster burn his tongue on his hot chocolate? Because he drank it before it was cool. 

So, there´s my 2 jokes for the week. :)

Well, I did divisions this week with someone named Elder Smith who was in the AF Marching Band! Can you believe it?! He lived over by the temple! We had a good little division working in his area.

But, I´ve just gotta tell you. I´ve met some of the best people that I’ve ever met in my entire life these past few weeks.

This week, the sisters Hna Lund and Beecher had a baptism of a man named Hugo. He´s an awesome convert! In Priesthood, he said how the BoM has formed a part of his life and is his "best friend". He´s such a good guy, and continually apologized for interrupting the classes.

We also found another couple named Fransisco and Catalina this week. We left them the BoM, and as we came back for the second lesson, Catalina was sitting outside READING the BoM as we came up. It was great! 

We´ve been putting a ton of emphasis on the Book of Mormon and helping people receive an answer that the Book is true. It´s really changed the way we teach. 

As we keep working, I´ve seen that I just forget about all the things that once were important and focus on the needs of others. And as of right now, I´m down to 1 pair of shoes, and 2 pairs of pants. Some people need things more than I do. 

As for Sunday, none of our investigators came to church. But the reason is (and this is a HUGE miracle that I¨ll share with you in more detail in a few weeks) that the bus got robbed and the bus driver was knocked unconscious, so the cops had to come and investigate. It´s a good thing the spirit told us not to get on that bus, right? :)

We also had a really good lesson with Johanna last night. So, I don’t know how much I´ve told you about them. So, Christian and Johanna live in this little house made out of cardboard. They´re super humble and they´re always laughing and smiling with their 3 cute little kids. So, I asked Johanna if there was anything we could do to help them, and she just looked at me with the biggest smile and said "No, I´ve got everything a poor person could ask for." I just thanked her for her love toward her children and for always being so optimistic. She then said something that went like this "Well, if I act sad that I don’t have anything then my kids will too".   She is just a great, caring mother, just like you, mom. Thanks for showing me what the Savior´s love is like. A lot of people don´t get a chance to feel that love in their lives, but I´ve got a whole loving family that shows me that, even when I´m a little stinker. 

This week has definitely been a good one. I love being a missionary. I´m not ready for this dream to end. It’s come and gone way to fast.

Love you all.
Study Jacob 5 this week. 

Elder Harris :) 

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