Monday, January 26, 2015

Big Storms, Interviews and Nemo

Hola querido familia mio,

Well, it looks like you´re all just peachy. This week was a normal week NOT. It went by pretty quick, but it sure was full of its ups and downs.

I’m happy to hear that Kenz loved Preference, in the letter she sent to me it seemed she enjoyed herself. Luckily she has awesome parents that would prepare that much food for those kids! :) 

Since I’m a litle short on time, I’m gonna give you a little run down of this week and tell me if it wasn´t just as crazy as yours!

So, this week it RAINED. We had 3 really big storms pass through. One of them it was raining so hard against our tin roof we couldn´t sleep. It sure does make for good stories though, right? 

Then on Tuesday, I gave the training to a sister that is coming home with me. You´ll probably get to meet her in SLC because she lives in Utah too. But I let Hma Lund give this training and she talked about the spirit and the importance of the spirit not just in the mission but in our daily lives. Then gave us the invitation to always look for the spirit in all that we do. It was really good.

Then we found out that one of our new missionaries who is from Paraguay had to go to Cordoba to do some paperwork. So, that put Elder Smith (From AF) with Elder Brough and I from Wednesday to Saturday afternoon. We ended up working in the two areas and we didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the people we had hoped to see. But Elder Zabala brought us some alfajores from Cordoba that were pretty good! 

And finally, we got to have our interviews with President Franco. We ended up drinking chocolate milk and eating donuts (they´re not Krispy Kreme or even Kohler´s worthy) but they were great! We had a good time helping the assistants give a training on finding people, and we used “Finding Nemo” as an example. :)

Just to help the missionaries understand, you know. ;)  Who doesn´t wanna find Nemo?

But I did think it was pretty funny, during my interview with President, he said "So, Elder Harris you have, what?  Like 18 days left?" And I just blurted out "I don´t know! I’m not counting!"

See you soon.

Love you!

Elder Harris

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