Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Love Being a Missionary!

I've got 10 minutes.

I hope you're enjoying your time on vacation and the same weather as me!  haha!  Maybe you should go buy one of my goofy hats!  :)

I think that this week has been one of the best weeks of my mission!  I loved it!  I freaking love being a missionary!

I just got back this morning from Pirane doing divisions.  I've been traveling since last Sunday so I feel a little jet lagged and I'm running on a few hours sleep for the week.  I did finally get the Christmas package that you sent.  I'm not sure if you didn't send a lot or if some of the stuff didn't make it through customs.  I got the presents, the tree, the oraments, reeses, oreos, tootsie rolls and a million taco seasonings.  Did you send more stuff?  Like Nutella, peanut butter, hair cutters?

Oh, and the watch, it isn't really "low profile" - it's pretty flashy mom - I don't want to get robbed!  haha!

I'll give you a quick rundown of the highlights from this past week.  I went on divisions with E Criado (from Cordoba, Argentina) and went to Bartolome de las Cases.  It's an Aboriginal colony and basically a laminate nation.  It's awesome.  We worked there and the two active members that speak the dialect (Toba) weren't there so we tried to find people on our own, but it just wasn't the same - but we did get some really cool pictures . . . .

On Sunday, the best thing happened!  So we got done with church and our studies and as we were preparing to leave, it started to DUMP rain.  So I put on my rain tie and we went out to work.  After walking for a little ways, we see this truck completely stuck in the sewer on the side of the road.  So us, being the great missionaries that we are, decided that we should help this family of 12 get their truck unstuck.  I had my boot on and we started pushing this truck but it just wouldn't go - I used my Ken Harris skills and started directing traffic - telling everyone what to do to make this happen.  So I got on one side of the truck - in the sewer - as we were pushing, the wheel started spinning and shot water and whatever else was in the mix ALL OVER ME!  It was great!  We eventually got them out and the family had a great time laughing at the gringo who was now covered in who knows what . . . . I decided that we should walk back to our place and I took a shower outside.  It's all good - living the dream.

Love you,

Elder Harris

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