Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Portion from the Mission President and Elder Harris:

 Pictures from President Heyman's Instagram (Thanks!)
Dear Harris Family,

Sister Heyman and I are pleased to inform you that Elder Harris arrived in La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia this evening.  We welcomed him to the mission, ate a small dinner and let him rest.  Today we had a small briefing of the fun facts and necessary information about the mission.  After that he met his new companion, Elder Humphries and they headed off for their area call Villa Angela II in the province of Chaco.

A mission is a wonderful experience filled with challenges and successes that strengthens the testimony of each missionary.  A great support that you as a family can give your son during his mission is uplifting letters.

It will be our privilege to work closely with Elder Harris here in Argentina.  We are blessed to have him join us in this mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sharing your son with us.


President Raymond S. Heyman
Mision Argentina Resistencia

Then from Elder Harris:

Familia!  Qu tal!

Well, after two days of sitting in airports I'm finally here.  We stayed in a hotel in downtown Resistencia last night and woke up to a rainstorm.  I didn't understand a word anyone said to me and it's very humbling.  I spoke with a worker at the airport for about 20 minutes and he made fun of me for about 10.  I laughed right along with him.

Buenos Aires is beautiful!  We drove to a church building yesterday and we got to see all of the stores with apartments stacked on top of them.  We also saw a few churches that were stunning.  Buenos Aires is a lot how I image Italy or Spain to look like. 

As for Resistencia . . . It looks like how you would imagine South America to look like.  :)  And I'll just leave it at that.  I just saw Elder Haselton and he said he's doing good!  There's apparently like 210 missionaries here with 30 more coming next week.  And it top it off it's hot here.  :)  While I was talking to the guy at the airport I asked about Resistencia.  He told me that it was hot, poor and had all of the ugly women.  I can only say that two of these are true so far.  :)

But hey, I love you guys and I will write to tell you more about my experiences on Monday!

La pas sea el viaje.

Vivir pur la fe.

Elder Harris


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