Monday, July 1, 2013

The Last of the Mohicans


I AM THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS!  I found out that I am the last visa waiter here in Oklahoma.  Elder Haselton flew out earlier today.  I really have no idea when I'm leaving, but I do know that it's up to the Lord and where ever I am needed I will be.  While talking to Sister McLaughlin today she told me that E. Haselton has known that he was leaving for about 2 weeks.  So I think that I have to fly with a group of people.  A sister from my MTC district also emailed me and told me that she was finally leaving for Resistencia too.  So, I guess I'm a little torn about that, but when I look at the growth I've seen in Anadarko - it's remarkable. 

I'm doing amazing!  :)  I'm a little tired today, but I can sleep when I'm home.  :)  Sounds like ya'll had a good week even with a few cuts and bruises.  Ty and Brae look BIG in that picture of them with the motorbikes.

As for Cindy's baptism, we've moved it back again,  Since it's the weekend of the 4th and all, nobody is going to be in town and she wants other people to be there - not just the missionaries.  So hopefully her baptism will be on the 14th.  We also have this family that are scheduled for baptism on the 20th and another investigator who is in line for August 3rd.  The Lord really is hastening the work.

As for the week:

Monday:  We played basketball like always.  I really don't think I've missed a shot in the last 2 games we've played!  :)  On Monday night, Sister Wright came with us to Charlie's and we read some scriptures with them.  We had to leave because we got a call from a lady who had fallen so we busted it over to the hospital to give her a blessing. 

Tuesday:  We went down to Fletcher to find some work for the sisters.  We have sisters coming in at the start of the next transfer (7/10).  While we were there, we dropped by the Branch President's house and had some lunch.  Their nephew, Greg, was there and cooked up some squirrel for us.  YES, I SAID SQUIRREL!!!  It pretty much tastes like turkey, only a little more "gamey".


Wednesday:  We drove back to Elgin/Fletcher to do some more work.  Not much success to report because all the members told us that they want to wait for the Sisters.  They think they will click better.  :)

Later that night, we ended up at Cindy's house.  She has invited many of her friends to start taking lessons from us and we were happy to teach the 2 she had there that night.  We watched a talk by President Monson with them.  It was funny because they had a lot of questions about prophets and why we need them.  So when we watched the video it helped a lot!  Later that night, we got a call about some people that had some extra matresses that they were getting rid of so we helped get them to a family that really needed them.  The two little girls were so happy to have a bed to sleep on.  I love that little family so much and I'm going to be sad to leave them.

Thursday:  We got dropped by an investigator and then we were knocking on some doors and I gave my little schpeel.  This guy says "I don't understand" in perfect English, so I asked "Hable Espanol?  (You speak Spanish?)  Then he said, "Si!!" so I told him about it again in Spanish!  hahaha  :)  que bendiction!!

Friday:  We had district meeting in Chickasha.  E. Lowe taught us about love.  How much to we love the people we serve?  Our companions, members, less actives, and investigators?  Kinda hit home.  It was an awesome meeting.  Then the Zone Leaders went on exchanges with us.  E. George (Megan Smith's friend) came to Anadarko with Nelson and me.

While we were out, we got a phone call from a guy named Matt.  It was wierd because his name came up in the phone and we didn't know who he was.  Turns out that he was baptized about 3 years ago.  We talked to him and read some scriptures with him.  Then his brother came into the room and told us that he wanted to learn about the church, the Book of Mormon and to be baptized.  We couldn't believe that he told us all of this when we met him!  I hope everything works out for both of them.

Later that night, we met up with our Spanish investigators.  I honestly didn't understand hardly anything they were saying.  Over the time I've been here, I've lost so much of my Spanish.  I just know that it's going to be awful when I get to Argentina.  But they were talking to me and crying, so whatever they said was probably a good thing!  :)

Saturday:  We struck out a lot.  We knocked on a ton of doors but nobody was home.  I did get a picture by the prayer teepee and we saw Matt and his brother Isreal again.  We taught them about the Restoration.  We also visited another family and taught them about the Plan of Salvation.  They asked a few questions about the plan and it was cool how the 3 of us came up with answers that somehow made sense.  :)

Sunday:  We went to church and had an awesome day!  We had 5 investigators at church so we were pretty excited about that!  When we got home we sat on the couch for a minute and then we got a call from a panicked member who told us that she had an emergency at her house.  We didn't ask any questions and flew over there as fast as we could.  When we got there, we found out that she had a snake in her house.  Turns out that all 3 of us are terrified of snakes.  So I decided to be the bigger man and figured what the heck!  The Lord's got my back!  I started searching for the snake and guess what?  I found it!  This is where the story gets interesting . . .

I had some tongs to pick up the snake and I wanted to throw it in a bucket so I was asking them to throw me a bucket!  The whole time everyone was yelling at me but I finally got the snake in the bucket.  I decided that I should run around the house and show everyone - bad idea.  I got screamed at for bringing the snake further into the house! haha  So I took it outside and threw it on the ground.  They told me that I needed to kill it, so I just cut it with the tongs.  The mom didn't think that the snake as dead so she threw a brick at it and missed.  :)  So I got the brick and dropped it on the snake's head.  The kids were all looking out the window staring in amazement! 

Long story short - the snake died. 

E. Harris -1, Snakes -0

We had lunch later at the Heer's house.  It was Michael's birthday.  He's 16 and I love him to death.  He's a lot like Braeden so we just have the best time.  It makes me miss you guys sometimes - especially when there are people that kinda temporarilly replace ya'll.  I know that sound kinda bad, but it makes me feel a little bit like my family is out here with me?  They're going to Lake Powell this week, so maybe you guys could go down there too?  I know I'd want to be going down there if I was home.  haha

I LOVE YOU!!  Can't wait to see ya'll again.

Keep the Faith.

-Elder Harris

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