Monday, November 18, 2013

Maria's Baptism & Finding People to Teach

Hi Mom!

First things first.  Braeden has a beard now?  What's up lumberjack!  DOPE.

To answer some of your questions:

*For Christmas please send me more taco seasoning packets.  If you could send a bunch of those that would be chill.  I also want peanut butter, Nutella, sunflower seeds and Café Rio.  I also need another watch - something with a calculator on it would be great.  I could also use some easy recipies that I could cook with beef.

*What have I been eating?  Well I eat a lot of guiso.  It's like noodles, some type of meat (generally beef) and oil for sauce.  We have it about every time we eat with members.  At first I didn't like it very much, but I just eat a ton of it because they call me gordito.  Apparently calling people fat isn't an insult here!  :)

*We use pesos.  I'm actually pulling about $85 for this week from my card because we're going to San Pena and I don't want to get stranded with no cash.

*The work is good!  People are too nice to say no to us so we usually teach the first lesson a ton!  As for how solid people are, it's usually pretty easy to tell the next time that we go to visit if they like us or not.  A lot of people here can't read, so it's hard to have people find a testimony of a book that they can't even read.  Haha!  So we just pray a lot and invite everyone to pray.

*The branch here is pretty solid.  There's an ex district president who lives in our branch and he's legit.  He knows how the church is supposed to work and keeps this branch going.

*Tell Kenzie that if she gets a boyfriend that I'm gonna kill him!  :)

So let's get started on this week:

Monday:  We had another super lax p day.  We just take naps during the siesta and it's nice just to relax a bit.  Later we had a meeting with all of the leaders about the work of salvation.  Long story short, they got to talking about some other random stuff and I didn't understand.  The room was hot and like always - I fell asleep.  I tell people that I'm praying.  :)  Then we went to check in with Maria and make sure that she had learned everything and was ready for her baptism.

Tuesday:  We had a lesson with Rosa and then we went to see the Monzon family.  When we were walking away this girl on a moto slapped me on the butt!  At first I thought it was Humphries - but I just laughed and let it be.  Then when we got to the Monzon's house, one of the girls came up a kissed me!  We were just sitting there talking about something spiritual and BAM!  I probably should admit that she's 9 and it was one of those "hello" kisses that the Argentines give everyone on the cheek but it still freaked me out.  I don't know how to tell her not to do that so I just shook her hand and said "Hola" and she joined in the lesson.

Wednesday and Thursday:  This week the mission had a goal for every companionship to find 16 new people to teach.  So Humphries and I went HAM on finding people and we got 19 this week!

Friday:  We had to pick up the Zone Leaders up from the terminal bright and early so they could come and do Maria's baptismal interview.  While E. Humphries and Taylor went out to do the interview I got to go on splits with E. Deniston.  We went to work and met this girl and her little 4 year old daughter who recently broke her elbow.  We had a awesome lesson with them and then went and taught a part member family all before lunch!

After lunch, we got to clean the baptismal font because it was DIRTY!  When we opened up the doors, there was like 3 feet of brown muck in the tub.  We spent a solid 2 hours scrubbing, trying to get it clean.  It wasn't "mom approved" but it was definitely missionary approved. 

Saturday:  We had Maria's baptism!  It was awesome!  Now we're going to work on getting her mom baptized.  E. Humphries got to baptize her and it was just a great experience.

Sunday:  We had church, did studies, and then spent the rest of the night walking.  The people we planned to visit weren't available and so we decided to go see Maria and congratulate her on the baptism, but it's like a 40 minute walk to her house so we had to hurry and didn't stay long.  On the way we decided that we would try to find one family to teach.  We have this little family and I cried while bearing my testimony.  It was terrible.  The little kids were all just looking at me trying to understand what I'm saying and wondering why I'm crying but the spirit was just so strong!  I seriously don't want to be remembered as the Elder who cried a lot . . .

Well, I didn't have as many crazy stories week but I'm pretty excited about the baptism and all the new people that we found to teach!

I love you guys!

Keep the Faith!
La paz sea el viaje!

Elder Harris

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