Monday, September 30, 2013

The Week of Lasagna

So we had transfer calls last night.  I'm staying in Guthrie South with E. Rumsey!  Apparently, there wasn't much change in the mission and there are only 3 new people coming into the zone and that's because they're all training!

I glad that you like your new car!  Are you going to put new tires on it? Send me a pic when you do.  :)  It sounds like homecoming was a success!  I loved both homecomings that I went to!  It was awesome!  Gotta love high school.  At time, I miss that place!

I can't believe that Brian is coming home and when does Tanner Larsen come home?  I feel like he's been out forever!!  Does it seem like those two have been out a long time?  Because I can't believe how fast 7 months has gone . . .

I'm excited about Conference!  I'm not sure where we'll be watching it - maybe the church or at a member's house.  I read somewhere that it's ideal to watch it with an investigator.  We have someone we'd like to invite so I guess we'll see how it goes!

This week:

Monday:  We had our normal p-day and actually played wall ball!  I haven't played that since elementary school but it was a blast!  We also played basketball and volleyball.  It's one of the perks of having a zone p-day every Monday. 

We had lasagna for dinner that night at the Hollingsworth's house and they're into quarter horses!  So I got to talk to them about the ponies for a while.  :)  He told me that Corona Cartel is in my area!  Yeah!  I think that's who AB is bred by right?  I'm not totally sure but he had a horse named PYC Paint Your Wagon that he just sold. 

Afterwards, we played basketball with our bishop and his brother.  The Wade brothers!  haha!  They are the coolest guys EVER!  And we seriously have the best ward in all of Oklahoma right here.  I don't care what anybody says!  We ended up finishing up the night played volleyball in Bro Wade's backyard again and he and Otuafi dominated . . . .   :)

Tuesday:  We were mountain biking on that dirt road in Forest Hills again and stumbled upon a little trailer park neighborhood so we decided that we'd go knock it.  We found this sweet little old lady who was still in her PJ's.  I think the has alzheimers because she told us the same 5 or 6 bits of information about 10 times.    We just gave her a Book of Mormon and left.

Funny story though - so we knocked this door and this really old guy answered.  I said, "Hey!  We're here to share a message about Jesus Christ with you."  He got all snipey and said, "No, you're not!"  so I said, "I'm pretty sure I know why I'm here . . . "  He got a little mad and told us to leave.  Then that night, we had lasagna at the Dysarts.  :)

Wednesday:  Like always is the day to serve.  We went to feed the homeless and then we went to Hands of Jesus to help with the groceries.  I got to sort the eggs again.  :)  E. Rumsey hurt his wrist somehow last week so he's been wrapping it with an ACE wrap.

That night, we had lasagna with the Morgan's and then got dropped by 2 potentials and 3 investigators.  Gotta love the work . . . .

Thursday:  We tracted.  Just like fishing in the desert - we caught nothing.  We had a take a survey for the area 70 that's coming here in November and that night, we had dinner with the Borgeson's.  You guessed it . . . LASAGNA.  It was fun to be at their house because their son served his mission in Argentina so we got to talk about how awesome it is down there and then we ate alfajores (like hostess in Argentina) and drank mate!  It made me super Argentina trunky.  But I know that I'm here for a reason!  (I'm getting a little sick of saying that btw.)

Later we stopped by Amy's house and her son was sick so she went inside and we talked with Randy on the porch for a while.  He told us how he came to believe in God.  He works from home and trains pigeons for a living.  He always has good religious questions for us like "Wouldn't it be cool to really know what happens after this life?"  So I told him "What if I told you that I knew?"  We got to talking about the Plan of Salvation.  He loves his pigeons and he's grateful for the map (the stars) that God gave them to deliver messages.

Friday: was an interesting day.  We had district meeting in Edmond and ate at a really bad Chinese Buffet.  In Oklahoma there are a ton of Chinese Buffets.  After . . . it was interesting and I'll just leave it at that.  :)

Saturday:  was the baptism of the WML son.  Sister Dickman asked us if we could sing at the baptism so we had Otuafi's uke and my killer voice and we sang "My Heavenly Father Loves Me".  It was pretty good and we honestly improvised the whole thing but nobody else knows that.  :)

After the baptism, we pretty much go rejected by everyone we tried to go see.  We finally found a family that are LA that we've been looking for.  It turns out that a few people that speak only Spanish were there.  I tried to talk to them a little bit, but it's hard when you don't practice the language every day!

That night we got some Arby's and spent a little time talking about our transfer and how we can make the next one better.  We had a really deep conversation and I feel like I've failed this transfer.  But the Lord is giving me another chance, another 6 weeks to figure it out!  So I guess I haven't failed quite yet!

Sunday: we had another awesome day at church!  I love p-day eve!  :)  We had church, studied and then had dinner at the Skinner's house.  We then went to Brother Dickman's house and talked about the area for a while.  He went with us to see Randy.  He's so cool - I love that guy.

We had a pretty good week.  The weeks are starting to go by faster and faster.  I can't believe how fast these 7 months have gone by!  Don't blink.  Before you know it, I'll be home again.

I love you all!

Keep the Faith!

Elder Harris

I just love the Oklahoma skies!

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