Monday, June 17, 2013

No Visa Yet


Happy?  You KNOW I'm ALWAYS happy!  :) :)  Especially after all the great news that you just told me!  :)  I also got the package that you sent and I LOVE the shirt and the watch!  They're amazing.

My district only has 5 Elders in it and we are part of the Lawton Zone.  We are driving up to Lawton today for Zone P-day!  We also just got news that we will be adding 2 additional Elders in Elgin - a city that goes to our branch!  It will be so awesome to have some help there since it's 20 miles from Anadarko and it's hard for us to get up there very often.  The good news is that we just have SO MUCH WORK in Anadarko that we never have time to leave!  We are planning on going on up to Elgin this week though and knocking all day to find some work for the new missionaries who will be coming in. 

Transfers don't come up again until July 10th - and I have NO idea if I will be here or not.  Our new Mission President (Walkenhorst) is coming sometime around June 29th - the same day as Cindy's baptism and my 4 month mark!  HOLY CRAP!  I feel like I just left!!  But knowing Karma - I'll probably fly out to Argentina on the 29th and miss everything . . . .

So no Visa yet.  E. Beach says that a huge group is coming in 7 weeks - so who knows.  :)

As for this week:

Monday:  We had two FHE's with the Wright Family and the Poolaw Family.  We played the "Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down" choices lesson, re-taught the plan of salvation lesson and then played some wiffle ball.  Solid Monday.  :)

Tuesday:  We went and taught a new investigator.  We met her right after she got off the phone where she found out that her mom has stage 4 cancer.  I think that she's pretty prepared to hear the message of the gospel. 

Later that day we tried a new referral from the city.  We knocked on the door and found an entire family.  We taught them about the restoration and it was phenomenal!  They were so receptive and prepared it was unbeliveable!

Sister Poolaw offered to feed us breakfast that morning and had dropped off some food for us.  Later that afternoon we were trying to think of something nice we could do for her - she called us.  She ran out of gas and needed some help.  So we went over and picked her up and took her home so that she could take care of her kids, then we went and got some gas for her and got her car back to her.  She was so grateful.  We also were able to teach Jesus and Vico - they're awesome and so patient with me while we work our way through teaching them in Spanish.  :)

Our friend Justina got a job!  Miracles happen with the people that are around the missionaries!  :)  So kick it with the missionaries and you'll be alright!

Thursday:  We did our weekly planning and walked around in the heat - it was HOT!  We ran into an investigator that Curry and Butterfield found a couple months back and we're going to be teaching him now.  We saw Joey and played some ball with him and his brothers.

Later that night, we saw Jesus and Vico again.  I taught them the Plan of Salvation in Spanish and yes, it's difficult - even though they thought it was amazing.  I even invited them to be baptized in Spanish.  They want to learn more and be "better people" before they commit to be baptized - so we wait! 

Friday:  I went up to Chickasha on an exchange!  It was cool.  We had district meeting up there and then I kicked it with E. Lowe.  I got to sing Karaoke with some old people, walked 4 miles in the heat, got a sweet pic on Utah Street and we found some potentials.  It was a solid day in Chickasha!

Saturday:  Super slow day.  We drove back from Chickasha, got a hair cut and went to a birthday party.  We met a ton of people at the party and hopefully we run into a couple of them in the next few days.  Funny story - while we were there we saw this guy who we had prayed with in the past to helpe him find a job - and guess who got a job?  HE DID!  :)  Prayer works, right?  :)

Sunday:  We had an awesome day at church.  One of our counselors spoke and did an amazing job!  I loved it.  He talked a lot about being happy and how we need to discipline to HELP our kids.  Nothing more.  SO MOM!  Thank you for always being strict with me.  Thank you for giving me this work ethic I've learned over time and for every time that you've had to hold your ground when I got fired up.  I'm sorry and I love you!  You're the best mom ever!  You and dad have raised an amazing family and I'm happy that I get to be out in the mission field representing OUR FAMILY!  :)

Keep the Faith!

Love you!
-Elder Harris

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